The Rebirth of Swahili Nation – Headliners at This year’s Ugandan Diaspora Gala 2014

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Swahili Nation is not exactly a new group on the scene, but it’s re-invented it self and made a butterfingered comeback on the music scene. It came on the scene way back in 1991; took a hiatus in mid-2000 and makes a positive retaliation in 2014… Two brothers from Kenya called the Muturi’s hooked up with Cool James (Dandu) a DJ from Tanzania and Ken Daniels Kayongo from Uganda and formed the Swahili Nation concept under the banner of their East African heritage. Today, this group is more of a concept that merges music other than a pretext that promotes East African-ism. The main members of the group remain diligent warriors waving the undying flag of Swahili nation.


Back in the lab, the guys hooked up with the amazing Charlie King. This seasoned crooner is undoubtedly eclectic, vibrant and a steaming breath of fresh air from the auto tuned mass market of todays music. Charlie was the last to join Swahili Nation. He was quickly schooled into the ways of the Nation and the Swahili lingo. He was not exactly sheng savvy but once the mic was placed in his hand, the stage became the battle zone where he let the steam boil over.

Swahili Nation is on a whole new frontier in today’s playing field. It needs no tutoring and expects no handouts. Taking and winning has been part of the game for these cats for the past two decades. They represent the best of musical  artistry and they have been tested over time.

The first single out of the lab is Locco, an amazing definition of a new African swag that will get on those global charts while taking up space radio waves. This is a well thought out album that Swahili nation has taken time recording and mixing. It’s a positive message mixed with pop and jam-packed with social messages and rhetorical dynamics. Watch the space…

Editors note — Swahili Nation will be among the featured headliners at this year’s annual Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Gala held at the Kampala Serena Hotel’s – Victoria Ballroom on 30th December 2014. (

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