Medical Alert | A Diaspora Fundraising Initiative For Malik R. Kironde Who Suffers From Type 1 Diabetes

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Dear friends,

Allow me to humbly introduce to you my son Malik R Kironde  who is seeking your help. Malik has Type 1 diabetes. This means that the body mistakenly attacks itself and the pancreas stops producing insulin. Therefore Malik, as a type 1 diabetic, must have insulin injections to survive, and has been averaging 180 pokings every month.

Malik celebrated his 13th birthday in June this year 2014, so a few days in his teenage life, we got the bad news that he was Type 1 diabetic which has no cure. It is a blessing that they detected it when they did, otherwise it could have been worse. Since June, Malik has been getting multiple daily injections of insulin. Medical experts have advised us that Malik will manage his situation better if we get him a wearable insulin pump that delivers a continuous dose of insulin.

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Currently, our son Malik must test his blood sugars 6 times a day or more. He does this by poking his fingers and placing the blood into his glucometer. If his blood sugar gets too high or too low it can be life threatening. Everything Malik does effects his blood sugar, whatever he puts in his mouth, play, getting sick, name it, everything. It has been proven that insulin pumps provide the best control over blood sugars.

That is why we are seeking your help, in any way you can, and we are confident you can. This is important to prevent lifelong complications caused by diabetes. Once again, there is no way to prevent type 1 diabetes and there is currently no cure. Type 1 diabetes can happen to anyone although it usually occurs in children or young adults. Out of pocket medical expenses have been and will continue to be strenuous, and we thank you.


About Malik’s Father Edriss Sentongo Kironde

Edriss Sentongo Kironde is the father of 13 year old Malik Kironde. Edriss is a Ugandan American and a resident of the State of Colorado since 1998 and briefly lived on the East after relocating from United Kingdom where he had lived, schooled and worked for 7 years.

Has been greatly involved in community activities both in UK and North America and at one time President of the Ugandan Community in Colorado and twice a UNAA Council Member and once a UNAA Board member in previous administrations. To date would like to thank those who have so far reached out with financial donations, phone calls, E-mails and others with medical advise

A Go Fund Me Page has been established and online donations can be made directly at —

Edriss S Kironde
Father of Malik

Bank details — Edriss S Kironde — JPMorgan Chase Bank

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