Dolibondo The Unstresser | To entertain guests at the Diaspora Gala 30th Dec 2014

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BACKGROUND — As a stand up comedian I build on the strength of satirizing everyday events and music which forms a formidable source of information for the everyday Ugandan. My life experience coming from a relatively disadvantaged background has put puns in literally everything I see, from politics, to relationships right down to wildlife.

For me laughter is medicine for the soul, in a fast paced world like we live in I have taken it upon myself to provide comical remedy to the stressful lives of my fans hence the name Dolibondo The Unstresser.

My journey as a stand up comedian started from childhood when my stutter persona seemed funny to my playmates, I took it in stride finding my silver lining in that impediment and have never looked back – talk about turning disadvantage into an opportunity!

I was catapulted into the limelight in 2008 after winning the Pilsner stage to fame – which was the first stand-up comedy competition organized by DIAGEO’s Pilsner .

The call got louder after the 2009 when I teamed up with a couple of the leading stand up comedians to form the Crackers Comedy Group that has dominated the comedy industry in Uganda for the past 5 years.

In 2013 I hosted a radio show on Galaxy FM as a resident comic presenter. I have perfomed at Labonita Theatre at the Kings of Comedy before we set up a Comedy lounge where we perfom weekly and content from the show airs on NTV Uganda during the weekly comedy show called Mic Check.

Early 2014 I signed by Mirinda Comedy to tour the country. Mid this year 2014 i signed a contract were i participated in the M-NET’s Comedy Club live in Kampala.

Here is what the press says about Dolibondo!

The unstresser. Comedian Dolibondo says his calling is to relieve people of their stress through laughter. The stand-up comedian who is part of The Crackers comedy outfit landed into comedy accidentally after fans booed him when he tried singing. (Daily Monitor)

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