Q & A | Meet Dr. Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema, M.D. | A Diaspora Returnee Who Recently Opened a State of The Art Clinic At The Village Mall

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Q & A with Ronnie Mayanja — Dr. Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema, M.D. is a Diplomate in Internal Medicine, a certified member of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Executive Director/lead Physician at Clinic at The Mall.  She is married to Dr. George Kimbugwe Mutema, M.D. and together they are the proud parents of Tendo Bajjide Mutema, a student at St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH).  Prior to my departure from Uganda last month I visited Dr. Nandi’s clinic and was able to experience this new facility first hand. We now bring you our Q&A with Dr. Nandawula who returned from Cincinnati, Ohio were she had lived for many years. Below are some answers she gave us on what inspired this vision for for a state of art healthcare facility in one of the upscale suburbs of Kampala.

Occupying 4000 square feet in a newly built upscale mall in Bugolobi. The clinic is outfitted with Digital X-Ray, 3D Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, CT Scan, Echocardiography and a Full Analytical Lab. In seeking to decrease their carbon foot print, 75% of the energy needs at the clinic are met by solar energy. The utilization of an electronic medical record allows for ease of sharing patient records with other practitioners when patients are referred. The clinic is currently staffed by 2 physicians certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Official Website —


1. What made you go back home and open The Clinic at The Mall?

October 2013 was the turning point for me. It was time. I decided I needed to go back home. I had studied, worked and lived in the US for 21 years. I came to the US in February 1992 having graduated Medical School the year before, and completed my internship the month before I travelled. I had worked at The Health Department City of Cincinnati for over 17 years as a Primary Care Physician. It was time for me to go back home, to utilize all the skills I had learnt to further health care at home in whatever small way I could. Thus the dream of The Clinic at The Mall began. I remember telling my husband George about this that Sunday seated in the living room at home with our partner Ivan Lubogo. The support I got from both of them was indeed overwhelming. My question to them that day was, if you wanted this all along, how come none of you had said so before? They said it was a decision I had to come to on my own, but they were there to support me and the three of us ran with it.

2.How long have you been practicing Medicine in the US, and what is your field of practice?

I am a board certified Internal Medicine specialist. I have been practicing in the US for the past 17 years as a Primary Care Physician at The Cincinnati Health Department. Unlike many cities, The City of Cincinnati provides medical care for its residents that are uninsured or under insured. It has several Primary Care Health Centers in the neediest neighborhoods.


3.What specific healthcare services are you providing at The Clinic at The Mall and how different will this clinic be from the rest?

The Clinic at the Mall is a comprehensive primary health care center. A one stop shop if I may. We will focus on diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illness while emphasizing preventive medicine and the overall health and wellness of our patients. We seek to engage the patient in their care knowing that it improves outcomes.  The Clinic is currently staffed by 2 physicians as well as highly qualified nurses and support staff. We have on site diagnostic services including:

  • Digital X-Ray
  • 3D Ultrasound
  • Digital Mammography
  • CT Scan
  • Echocardiography and Cardiac Stress Testing
  • Full analytical Laboratory


The keys to our success will be:

  • Focusing on patient care
  • Educating our patient on the importance of preventive medicine
  • Educating our patients on the importance of the annual exam
  • Establishing a sound relationship between the patient and the medical practitioner
  • Assuring ease of accessibility to care for all our patients.


4. What can you say about the issue of cost vs healthcare insurance?

Health care in Uganda is at the precipice of change. More patients have insurance provided by their employers. We are working on enrollment with all the insurance providers national and international available in Uganda.

5.What diagnostic procedures will you perform at this facility? As an outpatient facility will you accommodate minor surgical procedures on site?

Other than providing medical care, we have a complete radiology department. We are partnering with Columbia Asia Tele radiology Group who will be reading all our imaging studies. We are also working on a partnership with a group of Radiologists locally who will be doing interventional radiology like Ultrasound and CT guided biopsies where needed.

We are in Consultation with a Cardiologist and a Pathologist in the US whom we consult with regularly and are looking to engage with more sub-specialists in the diaspora.


6. How many doctors, nurses and ancillary staff will this facility bring on board?

We currently have 2 physicians. We are both Diplomates in Internal Medicine certified by The American Board of Internal Medicine. We have 2 well qualified nurses with Diplomas from The Aga Khan University here in Kampala. We have a Radiology Technician and several administrative staff.

7. What will be your hours of operation and will the facility be working with any International referral hospitals?

We are currently open 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM Monday – Friday, and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday.

The Clinic at The Mall as noted above is in collaboration with the Radiology group at Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore. We are looking to further that partnership with them as a referral center for the patients that may need medical services that we are not able to provide in Uganda.

The Clinic as noted earlier is eager to establish relationships with various medical sub specialists in the diaspora with whom we can consult on a daily basis. This has proven to work well where we have been consulting with Dr. Moses Kyobe a Cardiologist in Oswego New York. We send him EKG’s, Echos and Consults online, and he renders his advice the same way. Our Pathology is done by Dr. George Mutema in Cincinnati, Ohio who has a Histopathology lab here in Kampala where the slides are prepared, sent to him by courier and in 3 to 4 days, reports sent back electronically to aide in better management of our patients. Such partnerships are possible across many subspecialties and we look forward to exploring them as we go along.

mini-10964863_10203495526292682_719121763_o (1)

8.In a country with rising cancer cases and no preventive care, what are you doing to address this state of affairs?

It is our goal at The Clinic to engage our patients in their care and to educate them on all the necessary health maintenance procedures appropriate for their age.

  • All ladies over the age of 21 will need to get their annual Pap smears done, this is to aide in the early diagnosis and prevention of Cervical Cancer. We will be using the thin prep method which is a better tool.
  • Over the age of 40 years, we will encourage all the ladies to have an annual mammogram. This aides in the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer which is indeed on the rise. The clinic as noted earlier has a Digital Mammography machine which yields good images and in collaboration with the radiologists in India, will be a great asset in women’s health.
  • Over the age of 50 years, all patient will need to have their first Colonoscopy which helps in the early detection and prevention of Colon Cancer. We have partnered with Dr. Moses Galukande here in Kampala for this procedure.
  • PSA measurement over the age of 50 for all the gentlemen will be encouraged.
  • The ills of tobacco use and other cancer prevention issues will be discussed with the patients on a regular basis.
  • Where necessary we will work with The Cancer Institute and Columbia Asia Hospital to effectively treat cancer if it were to develop.


9. Any special arrangement for diaspora interns to train or specialized doctors on holiday to work at the clinic?

Yes, we would love to be a center of excellence where Medical students, Interns and residents in the Diaspora can come for the experience. Not being attached to a University though, it might not earn them credit depending on what their institutions are looking for. As noted previously, working with various specialists in the diaspora is important to us and is welcome.

10. Finally, when is the grand opening and how has the Ministry of Health and other government regulators responded to your facility?

We will be honored to have The Minister of Finance, Hon. Maria Kiwanuka here with us this evening February 3, 2015 for the Grand opening. It is an exciting time for George and I and our partners as we see the culmination of 15 months of hard work in setting up this state of the art health facility in Kampala. It is an achievement we would not have attained were it not for all the advice and help we have received for which we are grateful.


How can someone contact you for an appointment or to learn more about the Clinic at the Mall.

Our contact number is +256 392 177283, after hours calls will be answered by one of the physicians and medical advice will be given based on the need. The clinic will cater to patients with and without insurance.

Our physical address is — The Clinic at The Mall, 2nd Floor, The Village Mall, Plot 47A Spring Road, ( P.O.Box 9003)  (Behind Shell Bugolobi) Bugolobi, Kampala, Uganda. Contact +256 392 177283



Below is the full Speech By Dr. Nandawula – As presented during the Grand Opening of The Clinic at the Mall.

Honorable Minister, Rtd. Archbishop, Asst Bishop, Distinguished guests, ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my distinct honor to welcome you to the grand opening of The Clinic at the Mall. As stated by my husband and partner George, this has been a long time coming but it is here. We are grateful to the Lord for without His blessings, guidance and wisdom we would not be here.

The clinic seeks to be your medical home, and will provide high quality primary health care to all that come through its doors. What is Primary Health Care, and who is a Primary health care physician? Both Dr. Maria D’Arbela and I are Diplomates in Internal Medicine Certified by The American Board of Internal Medicine which means we specialize in the care of the Adult. As Primary care Physicians, we are like the Conductor of an Orchestra. The Orchestra has many instrument groups, all capable of producing brilliant and beautiful music on their own but together, they produce even better and more brilliant music that is pleasing to the ear. If any one of the groups, or even just one of the instruments is not played well or not in tune, the sound is unpleasant. The conductor must know about each instrument, may be able to play some of them but not as well as the musicians playing the instruments themselves.

His or her knowledge and command allows him or her to create this beautiful piece of music by keeping everybody in tune with each other, and knowing when to bring in one part of the orchestra or another. Each musician in turn listens to the other and pays close attention to the conductor. Likewise the Primary Care Physician knows when to call upon the various specialists and sub specialists in the medical field when he or she knows their patient needs their care. When at any given time a patient is being seen by more than one sub specialist, the primary care physician should be able to coordinate that care, and advise in order to avoid duplication of care or in the worst case scenario drug interactions that could be detrimental to the patient. The Primary Care physician is the practitioner who ought to get to know you well while you are healthy which thus makes it easier to evaluate and manage your medical problems when you are unwell. It is the duty of the Primary Care Physician to screen you on a regular basis to avoid or catch disease in its early stages where it can be better managed. The Primary Care Physician is your personal educator on all things medical and should be challenged to explain again when one does not understand. As your Primary Care Physicians, we promise to seek a second opinion when we are not sure what is going on. That in the medical field is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. A sign to you the patient that your health is of the utmost importance.


At The Clinic at The Mall, emphasis as noted will be on health maintenance. This we can only do if one comes for their annual exam where various test depending on age and sex are done. Annual labs done in our full analytical lab. Tests like the PAP smear which we will do using the Thin prep technic which gives us a better yield and result, Mammography which should be done annually in surveillance of breast cancer which is on the rise. The Clinic is equipped with a Digital Mammogrphy machine which provides clear images that aide in this respect.  Digital rectal exams and PSA tests looking for Prostate Cancer and referral for Colonoscopy in surveillance of Colon Cancer. The clinic is also equipped with a 4 slice CT scan and a 3D Ultrasound to further assist in diagnosis of disease. Management of Chronic disease like HTN and NIDDM is equally as important in avoidance of the deleterious vascular complications that can arise. The clinic will have a dispensary to service the pharmaceutical needs of our patients. We will assure that each and every one of our patients is fully immunized and up to date on their health maintenance goals. We seek to engage the patient in their care which we know will produce better outcomes than when they are not engaged.

We will consult with other physicians here as well as in the diaspora to provide good care to our patients with the hopes that they too will decide to return home. The small change each of us can bring to the delivery of health care here at home, will bring about the big change we all need.

I have mentioned Dr. Maria D’Arbela, the brave soul who when I contacted her and told her about the clinic, agreed to come work with me without reservation. For that I am grateful. Together she and I have assembled a great team of Nurses, Lab Technician, Radiology Technician and Administrative staff who thus far have represented the Clinic well. As we get our feet rooted and as the demand grows, we look to add to our Primary Care team Pediatricians and Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists who fall under the Primary care umbrella as well.

I would not be standing here today but for the backs of those that came before me, some of whom are no longer with us but sure are looking down and feeling mighty proud. Our mother Gibwa Kanyerezi the rock in our family who did everything she possibly could that my siblings and I would get a good education in and out of the classroom, and that we did! Our father Prof. Bwogi Kanyerezi. Dad you have been the best example any one could ever have. Thanks for paving the way, for being the ultimate optimist and the biggest cheer leader in your own quiet way to George and I. If I can be half as good a physician as you are, then all will be well.

To our son Tendo, the grace with which you received the news that I would be moving home makes me so proud of you.

And to the love of my life George, Thanks for your support along this journey, I could not have done this without you.

It is now an honor for me to welcome a lady that symbolizes the grace of the ladies that raised us, a lady we looked up to as kids, and still do, the Hon Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Maria Kiwanuka. Thanks for being here with us today.

Special thanks to Dr. Nandawula for the access and exclusivity. On behalf of the Ugandan Diaspora Community we applaud your spirit of giving back to the motherland. All photos by Guilio Malfese and this article may only be reproduced with attribution to the Ugandan Diaspora News Online.  See images below of some of the latest medical equipment you will find at the village mall clinic!

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    Dr Edward Kasirye

    This is what Uganda needs for more experienced and exposed doctors to bring their skills back home.Strange but true!The Uganda government is exporting its doctors to Trinidad and Tobago!

      eddie ntege

      Dr.Thanks much for your support, and please keep an eye on her as you lender some assistance she’s new in town. Remember old bloom…………………………..


    OMG I am so happy to hear about this. They are going to provide services that are lacking at home. A few years back my dad had to travel to Nairobi to get a CT scan done because they couldn’t find one in Ug. I pray they keep up the care standards and professionalism that people get here in the states. Good luck doctors and God bless you for bringing these services to our people.


    Accredited MRCOG, interested in also giving back to Uganda, will this clinic later develop surgical specialities. Are you interested in people who can give of their time in respect to teaching and expanding surgical skills in Uganda too?

      Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema

      Yes, we are most interested in all fields and disciplines, and have future plans to expand into the surgical field as well. Please send me an email and we can discuss. Thanks


    ssemwogerere micheal

    No comments but just good work Dr Nandawula for Uganga’s citizens. ….Thanks

    Arthur Kamenya

    A selfless venture and gesture for your motherland. Keep up the good work Nandi. God continue to enlighten your path and lets all learn something from your efforts.

    Eng.Omoit Stephen

    George (&Nandawula, et al),
    Congs to you all and i wish you the best.

    eddie ntege

    Good for you Dr, and the rest of us here and back home. So proud of you Mum,and wish you the best.

    Nicholas Nakikubye

    Very impressed and proud of you! Keep it up

    Judith Katasi Lwanga

    Wow! Nandi!!!!!! This is awesome. You have made us proud. I am sure Prof. Kanyerezi is looking on with such a proud smile!!!! His legacy is loud and clear! At last, his own lovely daughter has followed in his footsteps!!! All the Masembes and the entire Kajjongolo Household are proud of you and it is our prayer that God grants you the grace, patience,serenity and passion as you embark on this challenging but noble journey. You have blessed our country big time!!!! May your efforts be rewarded!!!! We love you cousin
    Go gal!!!


    Very motivating,,,,God bless u…Am sure it wasn’t an easy road but non the less… u made it. Giving back to our country is one of my dreams and seeing this gives me a visual that motivates me to keep the dream alive. Wishing you the best. Maybe one day I will become a part of your team….


    Awesome. Keep up the excellence.


    This is brilliant work and I am sure will help many patients to get the right treatment in their own country. Congratulations to you and your team and wish you lots of success with this task you have taken on.

    Samwiri Herbert Kiberu Nsubuga

    Congratulations Nandi and of course my fellow old Budonians, George Mutema, Ivan Lubogo and Moses Kyobe; you have all done us proud !!!

    Veronica Mulungi-Lupampa

    Nandi, I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work.

    Grace Ssali

    Hello Dr. Nandi and Dr.George Mutema, I sincerely congratulate you on the opening a modern up to date clinic in our homeland Uganda. That is very creative work with great technology and you made us proud especially your fellow Cincinnatians and who are in health professionals. We really need those imaging services, lab etc. in our country. Great work done!!! Wishing you success in all you do in your practice.
    Grace Joanita Ssali ( Cincinnati, Ohio).

    Nan Witten

    Dear Nandi, I am thrilled to read this and learn of your newest adventure. I am certain that your mother is also proud. I miss seeing you at Christ Church, but am honored to have worked along side you. Sincerely, Nan

      Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema

      Miss you too Nan, and The Christ Church family. Will be home to visit soon. Yes I have no doubt Mom is looking down with pride. She taught us well.


    Maggie kigozi

    Congratulations and welcome home Nandi. Our tag line as UIA for diaspora events is ‘Home is Best’. It took you 21 years to realize this. Your story will encourage others to come home earlier. You follow in the footsteps of my teacher and role model – your father Prof Kanyerezi who set up the impressive Kampala Hospital.

    Richard Bwogi

    Out of words you make us proud. Munage maama Sanyu needs all the care.


    Dear Nandi and George,

    Wow! This looks awesome! Congratulations!
    We hank God for your lives and for enabling you achieve such a milestone!
    We have no doubt that with such institutions, the malpractices in Uganda
    leading to deaths of our dear ones will be on the decrease! They had become the norm.

    May God continue blessing and guiding you.


    This is great Nandi. We congratulate you so much and more still for bringing your expertise, knowledge and support back home.

    Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema

    Thanks to all that have read the article and to those that have posted comments wishing us well. Thanks to Ronnie for asking all the questions and for the support he has given us. Together all of us will bring about the change we need in our Health Care System and beyond.

      Penna Byenkya

      Nandi, congratulations and thank you for bringing medical services nearer to us. We are learning so much from you yet, this is just the beginning, (Gakyali Mabaga). With the spirit of “Never Give Up” we know the sky is the limit for you.

      Penna Byenkya

    Henry Wadda

    Dr. Nandi and Dr. Mutema,

    It is exciting to see such state of the art medical equipment, first world medical skills and experience originating from Cincinnati Ohio; a creatively planned patient atmosphere at the clinic, a well coordinated medical team of specialists and your great speech following the opening ceremony. We thank God the almighty that has enabled you to bring these services to the people of Uganda and those that visit Uganda from other parts of the World. I am sure every one on this forum will result into a referral x 100, when medical needs arise.
    You have truly made us proud and thank you for the inspiration.
    Congratulations and may the lord continue to bless you and guide you!

    Henry Wadda

    Esther Kiwana Buwembo

    Hi Nandi
    Thank you so much for bringing this much needed health care service to Uganda.
    Wishing you all the best

    Esther Kiwana Buwembo


    Oh wow Nandi, you were born to succeed. This is inspired and a Wellcome facility, thanks. You have our support. Congratulations and best wishes!


    Oh another thing Nandi please, if u can please keep it accessible, affordable and a shining example of equality and the best care your everyday Ugandan deserves. Yes you can

    Joyce Tate

    Dr. Mutema, We are so proud of you and your work back home. What a beautiful State of the Art Medical Center! You are truly missed by your colleagues here at the Cincinnati Health Department but we could not be more proud of your accomplishments. Wishing you every success and many blessings in the days ahead!
    Congratulations to you and your family.

    Camille Jones MD

    Greetings Dr. Mutema,

    What a fabulous facility! Blessings and congratulations!

    Camille Jones MD (Cincinnati)

    Tami Wilson

    Congratulations Dr. Mutema & Family! What an awesome blessing to be able to realize a dream and use your gifts to promote health and awareness in your home country! May God continue to bless and keep you!

    Paula Moore

    Dr. Mutema

    I hope that you remember me. I was one of your patients at can clinic. I just wanted to say that what you are doing in your homeland is absolutely fabulous. I wish you all the luck in the world. Un case you can’t place me , my sister was the admissions officer at CCDS the school where your children attended while in Cincinnati.
    May God continue to honor your vision and may those you serve benefit from your gift to them.

    steve kitooke muyingo

    i urge all health insurance companies in Ug and beyond to partner with this ‘all in one’ health facility, may God bless the founders.

    Ruth Sebukima BWOGI

    Nandi well done am very priest you have a plan like that thanks again God bless


    Hi to all, for the reason that I am actually eager of reading this web site’s post to be updated regularly.
    It includes good data.

    Susan Lukwago

    Nandi! Wow! Wow! Praise and Glory to God! This is outstanding! I am quite late to the party but I just learned of this from my brother-in-law Brian! What a wonderful Clinic this is! Thank you to God, your family and all your supporters for making this a reality. I will look for more information on your current work and continued prayers for your success. Should I be in Uganda – Lord-Willing – I will most certainly seek an appointment.
    This is Susan Lukwago who went to school with you ages ago … you may not remember me but I most certainly remember you.


    Dear Dr Nandi Mutena,
    You are a shining example doing an excellent job!
    I visited your State of the art clinic in 2015 and couldn’t tell
    whether I was in Uganda or a high end clinic in USA!
    As a breast cancer advocate, I am inspired to know care
    and support will be available in Uganda & East Africa.
    Keep up the great job! May God Bless you in All you do
    at The Clinic at the Mall!

    Harriet Birungi

    Great service you are offering. I like the focus on preventive care and diagnosis. I pray that your services endure over time. Much appreciated!


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