Memorial | For the First Time In Uganda’s History The Life of The Late Arch Bishop Janaani Luwum Will Be Commemorated On 16th February 2015

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PRESS RELEASE — Memorial | For the First Time In Uganda’s History The Late Arch Bishop Jananai Luwum’s Life Will Be Given A Befitting Commemoration on 16th February 2015 In Micwini, Kitgum.

It has taken Ugandan thirty-eight years (38 yrs) to finally recognize and organized a national commemoration for St Janani Luwum. Highly celebrated globally, accorded sainthood by the Church of England in in 1995, however his own country had never really given this amazing leader of the Church the recognition he deserved.

This has however effectively changed this year. The Government of Uganda and Church of Uganda this year will hold a national memorial services for St Janani Luwum in his hometown Mucwini, Kitgum on the 16th February 2015 the day he was killed by Iddi Amin. “This has been a grave oversight by everyone concerned. “This day will become a national day and will henceforth be celebrated annually” The Prime Minister of Ugnda Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda

The Late Archbishop Janani Luwum was Primate (Archbishop) of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire (Eastern DRC) in May 1974. Following a period of prolonged tension and an ugly showdown with the Amin regime, Iddi Amin murdered the Archbishop on 16 February 1977.

The Church of England (the Mother Church for the Anglican Communion), in particular, has accorded the martyred Archbishop special recognition and devotion. Within weeks of his martyrdom, on 30 March 1977, a special memorial service was held for him at Westminster Abbey in London

What is Unique?
It was the searing martyrdom of St. Janani that marked the pivotal turning point for the Amin regime and the subsequent liberation of Uganda! With the assassination of the Archbishop, the international community was finally and dramatically jolted from its jadedness even complacency about the Amin regime

Amin had crossed an unthinkable line. At the international level, the impact was huge. This became a game-changer. A sober realization dawned on the international community, particularly the Western world that the Amin regime had to go.

Around the world, there is great devotion to St. Janani. Marked on the 16th February of every year. In many countries and churches, there is devoted celebration of his life, testimony, martyrdom and example. Churches, chapels, schools, etc., have been named after him.

“The same level of recognition needs to be realised and highly celebrated in Uganda and East Africa, his homeland and where he served. East Africa and Ugandan needs to embrace his virtues and values.” The Archbishop of Church of Uganda Dr Stanley Natagali.

The frist annual memorial shall be officiated by HE Yoweri Kaguta, the President of Uganda. The Chief celebrant shall be the Archbishop of York, His Eminence Dr John Sentamu, supported by the Archbishop of Church of Uganda Dr Stanley Natagali.

Uganda in country and diaspora, all Christians in the world have been called to come together to participate in the first annual commemoration, and make contribution.

“ Let us all join hands to give this national icon a befitting national day.” The Prime Minister Hon Ruhakana Rugunda

Fundraising Committee in Place.

A fundraising committee has been established headed by Dr Maggie Kigozi – 

email: — Tel. 256752717475.

To contribute

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Remarks By Uganda’s Prime Minister – The Right Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda on the upcoming Memorial. 
A statue to this modern martyr was unveiled in July 1998 and stands above the west entrance to the Abbey. Sculptor Neil Simmons.
Died: 17 Feb, 1977 Field: Priest Location in the Abbey: West entrance. Type of memorial: Statue

First, I would like to thank all member of the National Organising Committee who have been working so hard, and continue to do so to ensure that the events on 16 February are a success. In particular, I would like to thank Archbishop Stanley Ntagali for his able leadership on the matter, Prof Apolo Nsibambi, Justice James Ogoola and Ambassador Olara Otunnu for steering the preparations very well.

I also thank the several members of the various task forces who are working day and night to make sure everything goes to plan.

Let me highlight the following:

• I can confirm that President Yoweri Museveni has kindly agreed to grace the occasion.
• Also, our own Ugandan born Archbishop of York, His Grace Dr John Sentamu will be flying in to join us in the celebrations.
• In addition, a number of pilgrims from different parts of the world are already starting to make their trek to join the faithful in Mucwini.

Janani Luwum stands tall in Uganda’s history and his example shines beyond our borders. His murder by the agents of Idi Amin galvanised everyone to say that enough was enough. His cold blood murder removed any further doubts that Amin had to go.

The national memorial celebrations scheduled for 16 February have been long coming. They form a starting point of raising national consciousness to come collectively as a nation to draw lessons from Luwum’s example.

We all have the responsibility as a people to remember and salute the contribution of all our heroes. St Janani Luwum is one of them. Members of the media have a particularly huge responsibility of informing and educating our people about our history. But to start with, the journalists themselves will have to educate themselves about the history and the people who have made sacrifices to make Uganda free.

While, we for instance know the shops on the vibrant Luwum Street in Kampala City where many people engage in various business activities, selling and buying all sorts of merchandise, few stop to reflect about the man after whom the street is named. We hope that with this initiative, St Janani Luwum’s story will be much more vibrant, well known, well told and highly profiled, much more than the Street named after him.

Source –Press Release Supplied By the Organizing Committee — Arch Bishop Janaani Luwum Memorial.

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    Maggie kigozi

    Thank you Ugandadiasporanews for sharing the information about the St. Janani Luwum memorial. Hotel Africana will as usual for the diaspora offer a 25% discount on accommodation in Kampala. Hotels in Kitgum, Gulu, Lira and Padere will need to be booked through
    Congratulations Ronnie on the new site!

    Francis G Okelo

    This is indeed a great event for our country Uganda. The 16th of February 2015 should be a day of reflection, pride and gratitude to The Supreme for the blessings of St Luwum. A prophet has finally been recognized in his own home, and we have at last seen what has been there all along!

    Dr P Oloya Professor EBB.

    Executed not murdered.

    Mrs Margaret Kiyaga

    I remember the time and events in history encapsulating the martyrdom of this holy saint! The Lord God, has asked me this morning, 1st March 2015, to inform the whole world that He CONFIRMS holy Janani Luwum,a saint in Heaven. GLORY BE TO GOD! Amen.
    Mega Katonda Afirika,
    Holy Prophetess of God,

    Alii Walter

    This year 2018 celebration is a year of our Lord Jesus Christ, I request joint preparatory meeting to kick start. Above it all, we at the grassroots with support from Acholi Tourism Cluster, has organized the local Church Community Members to participate in the areas of 5As:
    For Grass roots impact creation, I request Luo in Diasporas to create tangible celebration that will touchdowns the life of many people including the People of PAJONG (Clan of JANANI LUWUM) and Mucwini as a all.

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