Powering Kampala – Video Series | Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Achievements To Date!

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Kampala Capital City Authority has registered a number of achievements in 2014 across sectors. We are pleased to share with you these milestones as well as our direction in 2015.

Infrastructure Development – over 22 Km of roads have been reconstructed bringing a total of roads reconstructed to date to 172Km; Several have been reconstructed while others are in their final stages like Mutundwe, Kisasi- Bahai road and Lugoba, Jinja road, Bukasa ring, Nsambya and Mbogo, Kibuli, Kafumbe Mukasa and Go Down Rd among others.

Gender and Social Services
Under this sector, we have been able to attain and surpass our targets;
• We have distributed agricultural materials to over 3,300 urban farmers in our NAADS programme;
• Over 50,000 chicks and 2200 Kroiller chicken have been given out to over urban poultry farmers;
• Over 380 piglets have been distributed to various farmers across the Divisions on trial basis from our farm, the

Agricultural Resource Centre in Kyanja
• We have given out over UGX 1.3 Bn so far under the Youth Livelihood Project

Public Health and Environment
We are also getting a lot more done in keeping the City clean in terms of garbage collection, sweeping and de silting of the drainages. Garbage collection over the year increased from 12000 tons to 35000 tons.


In the Health Sector, we completed the renovation of Kitebi Health Centre, in Rubaga Division. Each of these facilities can accommodate over 50 in-patients in the maternity ward in addition to outpatient services. Our Health Units across the City continued to play a major role in the health industry handling 295,632 in the Out Patients Units, 13,247 deliveries and a total attendance of 29,733. We also have a Renal Unit to treat acute Kidney failure and 5 state of the art dental units in our division Heath centres.

We are also completing the civil works for Kawempe and Kiruddu hospitals funded by the African Development Bank. Each of these hospitals is a ten floor state of the art facility with 200 beds, modern theatres, helipads, pediatrics care, laboratories and underground parking.

Revenue Mobilization
The revenue growth from 2011 to-date is 133% from UGX.30 Bn in 2011 to UGX.70.2Bn by June 2014.
e-CITIE, the new electronic Revenue Management System is cost effective and minimizes revenue leakage, e-Citie is our online /electronic payment platform that clients can now use to pay commuter taxi monthly rates, physical planning fees and yellow fever vaccination using your mobile phone or using internet banking. Payment for Trading Licenses using e-Citie is now ready and shall start in January 2015.

Asset Growth
Over the last three and a half years, we have been able to grow KCCAs assets from a book value of UGX.42 Bn to the current net value of over UGX.422Bn. This has been through acquisition, recovery and procurement of various properties in the City.

As the credibility and public confidence in KCCA grows, we continue to build strong partnerships with the private sector, which is supporting us in various ways including equipping our health centres and renovating our schools.

This year, KCCA has received 21 awards (National, regional and International) for excelling performance. These included KCCA awarded ‘Best Government Agency’ in the World Savers Excellence Awards 2014, Best Quality Leadership Award” Las Vegas (U.S.A); the Global Award for Continued Innovation and Transformation of Kampala City 2014 in Rome (Italy), Best CIO Award in Country category and Ranking Among the Top 100 Organisations in CIO100 Annual Awards Competition East Africa Nairobi (Kenya), EALSCA Games Champions 2014, Best Government Agency on Social Media 2014 among others. KCCA is becoming a benchmark Institution in innovation and performance both locally and internationally.


Transport management
We continue with arrangements to improve this sector. We started with the registration of Boda Bodas ahead of gazetting of stages and streamlining this sector. We are working to improve the taxi sector as well and elections of their leadership are slated for 30th December 2014.

The Kampala City Festival 2014
The Kampala City Festival 2014 was one of the our other major highlights of 2014; the attendance during the October event has grown from 100,000 people when we started 3 years ago to over one million people this year, with people coming from all over the Region as well as the diaspora. The event is fully funded by the private sector as a major business and publicity opportunity for them. It also profiles Kampala and Uganda as a tourist destination, and gives opportunity for brisk sales to small scale traders and members of the public.

The Kampala We Shall Have in the Year 2015

As KCCA, we are looking to yet another successful year of greater and improved service delivery to the people of Kampala. We are expecting to further excel in our work as we transform our City. We expect to increase revenue collection, construct more roads and drainages, improve traffic flow in the City, schools, health care, garbage collection and management and improved household incomes. It is a going to be a great year with more achievements.

We have got an approval by Parliament of a $175m towards improving roads, drains and junctions in the city which will go a long way in changing our infrastructure for the better.

However, Kampala’s transformation will also depend on what citizens are willing to contribute, and sacrifice. As long as the citizens do not participate in improving Kampala, the improvements can only be limited to what KCCA as one institution can do.

I would like to thank all those people out there that appreciate our work in the transformation of our City, the people who take off time to alert us, positively criticize, guide, encourage us and contribute ideas towards making Kampala better.

For any inquiries, please contact us on or 0200660000/0794660003/0794660032.

From The Office of The Executive Director — Kampala Capital City Authority

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