Memorial Day May 23rd – 25th | Buganda Bumu North American Convention Coming to Boston

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Press Release — March 2, 2015, The leaders of Baganda Associations (BAs) in North America – Ggwangamujje Boston (GMB); Ggwangamujje Midwest (GMMW); Ggwangamujje DC (GMDC); Kamu Kamu, Dallas; Agali Awamu, Atlanta; Community of New York New Jersey (NY/NJ Community); Bulungi Bwansi Canada and Kabaka’s Representatives in North America, are pleased to announce the formation of the Buganda Bumu North American Convention (BBNAC).
For a long time, leaders of BAs in North America and Kabaka’s Representative have worked hard to create a mechanism that will unite all Kabaka’s subjects in North America.  The primary objective of this convention is to promote unity amongst the Baganda living in North America while working in unison with the Kabaka’s Government in Mengo to promote and preserve our cultural heritage.  We hope that this collaboration will encourage more Baganda living in North America to participate and support activities that will help in the social and economic development of Buganda.
We also hope that this initiative will especially inspire our youth to learn more about their heritage so they can be in a better position to enjoy it. The name chosen, Buganda Bumu North American Convention, (BBNAC) simply meets our objective and mission.  We unanimously agreed to hold BBNAC on Memorial Day Weekend every two years.
The first BBNAC will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, on Memorial Day weekend, May 23 – 25, 2015.  The guest of honor is expected to be the Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga. This is our convention.  You will have a say in what takes place. Your input will be welcome.  Please come to Boston this coming Memorial Day weekend to witness the Katikkiro’s inaugural speech to the first BBNAC.

Ssaabasajja Kabaka Awangaale
Stephen Mukasa, Ggwangamujje Boston, Chairman – (617)
Kalibbala Ssepuuya, Ggwangamujje Midwest Chicago, Chairman – (773)
Francis Mubiru Ggwangamujje Washington DC. Interim Chairman – (703)
Mathias Kyobe, Kamu Kamu, Dallas; Chairman – (817) 881- 4009
Sam Kiggwe, Agali Awamu, Atlanta, President – (404) 578-8674 –
Patrick Mwerinde, Community of New York New Jersey (NY/NJ Community – (302) 562-7387Martin Kaddu Nsubuga, Bulungi Bwansi Canada, Chair – (416) 827-8665

Kato Kajubi Bijumbuko, Kabaka’s Representative, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Vermont – (508) 468-1406 –
Wycliffe Lule-Musoke, Kabaka’s Representative in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware – (908) 591-9965 –
Abu L. Senkayi, Ph.D. Kabaka’s Representative in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas and Oklahoma – (469) 774-1080 –
Luzzi Kakande, Kabaka’s Representative in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Missouri – (224) 659-2273
Samuel Mwanje Kiggwe, Kabaka’s Representative in Georgia, the CarolinasFlorida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama – (404) 578-8674 –
Estella Namakula Muyinda, Kabaka’s Representative in Canada –

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    Gd day,
    I would like to know the other programes running alongside this event.


    Peter Zake

    Great idea of synergism efforts to the development of Buganda’s culture that shall yield into Diaspora social-economic progression. Bulungibwansi in Buganda are in tandem with such endeavors and have a rallying motto that goes…Buganda Bumu……….(others respond) Maanyi (Strength), it works well to stimulate morale to accomplish a self help initiative.

    Sam Timbiti

    Would be glad to attend convention but where do Istart from?

    Kakeeto Dalausi

    am happy to see u here but is possible for me to be part Of you in your next conference?


    i would like to attend the convetion this time , how do i apply ????


    Will this convention be there in 2020 if so wen

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