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The G Way are among the few Gospel Groups that have survived the test of time and have continually delivered great music for their ever-growing fans. Their Big God single and many others have been major hits in Kampala and Uganda especially among urban Gospel Music lovers. It is no surprise that when they hold their concerts, people come flocking in to be blessed by their ministry and beautiful music. Because of their concert postponement to Easter Sunday from an earlier date, we got in touch and had a great interview with them. We have only got the chance to share it with all of you. This is how it went down.

G Way has been here since time Memorial. Could you tell us when you first started out as a group?

Cooper: We started out as the youth Choir at our church (Rubaga Miracle Center) in the late 90s (1997) back then we were called the youth Worship Team this name changed in 2008 when we recorded and released our first hit single Makondere which is also the title track of our first album.

Our first time to see you guys perform was at Makerere sports field. I remember thinking, these guys are great! What would be the driving factor for you guys? What’s the vision?

Cooper: Our vision is to reach people with the message of Gods goodness. Our message is simply, come as you are God has accepted you. This is what drives us and our music.


For a group that has so many active and hopefully no inactive members how do you keep it together?

Cooper: Well we have both inactive and active members, over the years many people have come and gone but we do our best to stay in touch with each other I think what holds us together is love if it were not for the love of God that we share as a family; we wouldn’t stand the test of time.

The G Way gentlemen really shine in Big God, you current hit single. Do you decide that, for a certain song let the ladies shine and in the other let the gents shine or it just happens.?

Cooper: No not really but what has happened on a few occasions is the gentlemen have got together to hang out and being musicians somehow a guitar and guitarist are present and at the end of the day a song is born but there other songs of ours where it was a conscious decision although most times songwriting and composition is open to everyone in the group.

You have a concert and we want people to be encouraged to come, what will they experience at the event?

Cooper: Expect live gospel performances that set new records we are about pioneering new trends and styles of performance. So bottom-line expect something new from us.

We got to know it is a charity concert. Tell us more about it?

Cooper: Last year I came across EDYAC a charity supporting children with curable medical conditions and disabilities. I immediately saw an opportunity to be a blessing to children in need. Since GWAy stands for Gods Way we talked with each other and we all agreed that anyone can be used by God to meet the need in the lives of these kids. So we came up with the slogan I am GWAy” as a proclamation of our commitment as brothers and sisters in Christ to let the love of God flow through us to these hurting kids. So yes the Charity Show to help these kids was originally scheduled for January but has been rescheduled for 5th April at the Serena Hotel, Kampala.

Now, any final words before we leave you guys to get back into your planning, rehearsals and the final details of the show?

Cooper: To those wondering GWAy stands for Gods Way. As Cooper & GWAy we believe in representing Christ by living life according to the word of God. And by you and I making it possible for EDYAC to help children from poor families, receive crucial medical treatment. We can change what would have been an unfortunate situation, into a lifetime of fulfilled dreams. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information just search for Cooper & G-Way.

Please invite our readers to the show.

Cooper: Dear friend I invite you to join us as we raise money to provide medical care for these children with terrible medical conditions. You are the light. You are GWAy! I look forward to meeting you at Serena on the 5th of April, bring your friends bring your whole family come let us bless you as you help us bless these little ones. See you there!

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