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Buganda Bumu

By Joseph W. Kamugisha & Samuel Muwanguzi,Irving, Texas — The seven Baganda Associations in North America have formed a coalition to unite all Kabaka’s subjects in North America and to harmonize the coordination of activities to promote and preserve Buganda’s cultural heritage with the Kabaka’s Government in Mengo. The umbrella body, Buganda Bumu North American organization, was formed following a historical agreement between the Kabaka’s envoys in North America and leaders of the seven Buganda associations. “The formation of Buganda Bumu North American organization is a pivotal milestone in the history of the previously small and autonomous Baganda Associations in North America and will provide a strong platform  to unite the Baganda in the Diaspora, initiate programs, raise and account for funds to implement projects,“ Dr. Abu Senkayi said.

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Dr Senkayi disclosed that the newly formed Buganda Bumu North American organization will be launched by the Katikiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga during the first Buganda Bumu North American Convention (BBNAC) on the US Memorial Day Weekend from May 23 to 25 at the Best Western Hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA. Flanked by his newly appointed deputy, Mr. Frank Sentamu, and the president of Kamu-Kamu Dallas Chapter Mathias Kyobe, Dr. Senkayi also announced that the BBNAC will be held every two years. He was speaking at a ceremony organized to re-launch the Kamu-Kamu Dallas chapter at the Texas King restaurant in Irving recently. The function was presided over by the US army officer and native of Ssese Islands (Kalangala district), Captain Frank Musisi, commanding officer of the377th Theater Sustainment Command based in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The Kabaka’s envoys in North America and leaders of the seven Buganda associations resolved to build a strong coalition to spearhead cultural and economic developments in Buganda to restore the glory of the 700-year kingdom. The Buganda associations (BAS) include Ggwanga Mujje Boston (GMB); Ggwanga Mujje Midwest (GMMW); Ggwanga Mujje DC (GMDC); Kamu-Kamu, Dallas; Agali Awamu, Atlanta; Community of New York New Jersey (NY/NJ Community); and Bulungi Bwansi, Canada. Dr. Abu Senkayi told the Baganda and other Ugandans living in the Dallas-Fort worth (DFW) area that the collaboration between Buganda leaders in the Diaspora and the Kabaka government will encourage more Baganda living in North America to participate and support activities that will help in the social and economic development of Buganda. “This landmark initiative that has been reached after protracted negotiations will inspire our youth to learn more about their heritage to better understand it, appreciate it, and be proud of it,” he said. Dr. Senkayi also presented certificates from the Katikiro’s office in Bulange to those who contributed towards the reconstruction (Etofaali/brick campaign) of the Masengere Plaza at Mengo that is now almost complete.

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The well-attended event was highlighted by a children cultural contest that included research presentations on the Kings and Queens of Buganda, major historical events in the kingdom, and current affairs associated with the reign of Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi the second and the Nabagereka Sylvia Naginda. Guided by Peter Ngabo, a resident of DFW area, the contestants were categorized into three age groups including elementary school, middle school and high school. The winners in each category and the participants won cash prizes ranging from $30 to $150. Presenting the cash prizes to the winners and all contestants, Captain Musisi, also a former president of UNAA, commended the youths for investing their time and energy in researching and presenting such valuable historical and educative information about the kingdom of Buganda to those with little o no knowledge at all about the 700-year old monarchy in Africa. Captain Frank Musisi also presented medals from the Buganda kingdom to some members of the DFW community in recognition of their respective services as inspirational role models to Ugandans living in the area.

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Captain Musisi cautioned the youth against the use and abuse of drugs. “Drugs are major killers and hindrances of most young peoples’ lives, progress, and dreams, “he warned. He advised the youth to take advantage of opportunities that come their way in life and not to squander them and regret in future when they are gone. “When my late cousin, the late Lt. Col. Sserwanga Lwanga asked me what I needed him to do for me, I answered without hesitation that I needed to continue my education in the United States. “The late Lt. Col. Serwanga Lwanga arranged my coming to the United States where I graduated from University and later joined the US Army” he revealed. He said that if he had squandered that opportunity, he would not be where he is today. Capt. Musisi, advised the youth to find and cultivate the confidence of good role models to guide them through their lives as he did with such respectable and well-accomplished individuals including the late James Kabonge of New York, Mr. James Nagenda of California, Dr. Nkida-Kizza of Florida, and Dr. Abu Senkayi, of Texas who mentored him from the time he arrived in the USA in the early 1990’s to-date.


In addition to his active service in the US Army, Captain Frank Musisi also founded the Sesse Islands African Aids Project [SIAAP], a nongovernmental organization registered both in the USA and in Uganda (Kalangala district) to offer palliative care and social support to People living with HIV/AIDS and to educate islanders about HIV/AIDS to prevent the spread of the virus amongst the fishing communities. He paid tribute to his late mother, Najjuma who inspired him to start the organization that has positively impacted thousands of lives through its grassroots campaign against HIV/AIDS.

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The founding membert of Kamu-Kamu Dallas Chapter, Mr. Mathias Kyobe, outlined the history of the association and reiterated his commitment to initiating and implementing activities to inculcate the Buganda culture among the Baganda children in the Diaspora, engage in networking activities to unite the Baganda in the Diaspora and to promote harmonious co-existence between the Baganda and other communities for the betterment of Uganda. Mr. Kyobe said that the coalition of the seven Baganda Diaspora Associations in North America to form Buganda Bumu organization was consistent with the mission and vision of Kamu-Kamu that guided the formation of the association with his co-founders in the early 1990’s, some of whom have since left the area or returned to Uganda. Mr. Kyobe announced that elections for the local Kamu-Kamu executive positions will soon be held in the area and appealed to the youth and members of other ethnic groups in Uganda living in the DFW area to participate.

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Dr. Sala Senkayi, a young environmental scientist working as a Quality Assurance Officer with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) appealed to youngsters to commit time to engage in volunteer services as a strategy of opening doors to rewarding opportunities. She encouraged the youth to participate in a program she initiated within the EPA, “Sala Converses with students,” a program focusing on promoting science in schools across the country in partnership with  NASA.

The first BBNAC will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, on Memorial Day weekend, May 23 – 25, 2015.  The guest of honor is expected to be the Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.



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    This is commendable reporting by Uganda Diaspora News! Agaliawamu gegaluma ènyama! Awangaale Ayi Sabasajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda Kabaka of Buganda! Please Save The Date to attend the Buganda BUMU Conference in Boston May 22st – May 25th 2015. Search for Buganda BUMU page on Facebook for details.

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