Opinion | A Call to End Violence Against Immigrants In South Africa By Richard-Martin Byakuleka

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Opinion — We Ugandans in North America wish to register our displeasure at the events unfolding in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) at the moment. We are tremendously impacted by the suffering, criminality, torture and even murder that have been visited upon African immigrants in the RSA. It is not just that these immigrants are of our ilk; a people that have left loved ones behind in their own countries, to go abroad and seek a better life that can further enable them take care of their loved ones left behind; but they are our own brothers and sisters being menaced by their own black African brethren.

We cannot fathom the fact that black South Africans, with whom we share natural likeness, moreover, a people with whom we emotionally, spiritually and materially united to defeat their own tormentors during aparthied, have now turned around to torment our own. We cannot fathom the fact that a people of the same stock, only divided by artificial boundaries – visited upon our land by African colonizers, turn around and call us ‘foreigners’. We cannot fathom the fact that a people with whom we largely share the same cultural heritage and even language – for example, when they want to say ‘a fellow has fallen another in a game of soccer by tripping him viciously’ they say “yamuteera embaazo”,  where upon we say “amukubye akabazzi” – that such brothers/sisters can discriminate us so viciously as to even burn our bodies in the streets.

We decry this South African barbarity that has been visited upon their brethren. In fact we are taken aback by this cruelty, which likens these people to the universally repugnant ISIS or the KKK clan. A people that partake in this kind of senseless hatred against their own ought to be shunned.

We consequently, therefore, wish to request our government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to do the following:

  1. Given that our country presently has respectable regional clout, we pray that our government sponsors an African Union internal request to the effect thus:
  • Pursuant to the situation obtaining in RSA, whereupon South African black citizens have visited untold violence against fellow Africans from other communities on the continent, compounded by the fact that the government of RSA has evidently and spectacularly failed to nip the events in the bud – and that members of the South African government have been quoted blaming African ‘foreigners’ for the situation – and that the South African government has only reacted after spirited protests from abroad, let it be concluded thus the RSA has no further business being a quasi leader of African States; African member countries have henceforth withdrawn all deference due to the former designation. And that the RSA has no further credibility belonging to the fraternity of African brotherhood having exhausted all pretensions during these events of which this is the 3rd time around (Of course we have been aware for long that RSA citizens do not regard us as one of their own – and that they do so only when it suits them and their interests – we are for instance aware that when RSA citizens, including politicians, are travelling to countries in Africa they insinuate that they are ‘going to Africa’ – implying that their country is not Africa).

Consequently, therefore;

  • RSA membership to the AU be immediately revoked.
  • Madam Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma immediately resigns her position as the executive head to the AU and if not be diplomatically pushed to quit.

We shall be gratified if our government in Uganda obliges in accordance with our humble request. We remain aware of the cordial and close relations we have with our government, with whom we continue to work closely as development partners. We pledge our continued dedication to the development of our country Uganda, as well as our mother continent Africa.

Given the credentials of our Head of State as a revered African Statesman, and our global position as regional pacifiers, we are confident that this request and imploration to the AU membership will bear the necessary results.

Editor’s note — The views expressed in the commentary above are solely those of Mr. Richard-Martin Byakuleka a resident of Boston,  Massachusetts he can also be reached at the following email. (


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    Edriss Kironde

    Spot on. South Africans have disappointed not only African nationals who housed and fed them during the apartheid regime, but the World over that believed that one largest ecomies on the African continent had much to offer and looked at as exemplary.

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