Straight Talk Africa | “Comedy and Political Satire within the African Diaspora”

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Straight Talk Africa Host Shaka Ssali and his guests examine the state of political and religious satire on the African continent. Guests: Hebert Ssegujja Mendo, Ugandan Comedian; Adeola Fayehun, Host of Sahara TV’s “Keeping It Real with Adeola” via Remote: New York, NY and Khalid Albaih, Sudanese Political Cartoonist via Phone: New York, NY.


“Comedy and Political Satire within the African Diaspora”

January’s deadly attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo have inspired mass demonstrations in support of free speech worldwide, as well as smaller rallies condemning the cartoons that some Muslims find blasphemous.  The magazine has now printed more than eight million copies of its first edition since gunmen killed eight members of the editorial staff.

The massive print run reflects the outpouring of support from many who see buying a copy as a rejection of the deadly plot to silence the magazine.   But among some Muslims, there is renewed outrage, including in Africa, where at least 10 people were killed in Niger after two days of violent protests over the cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

In most African countries, the use of satirical cartoons and commentary in the media is relatively new.   They are just beginning to print publications on the continent with small cartoon strips featuring caricatures depicting a particular part of the population for comic effect.   Satirical newspapers in Africa often reflect of the state of political affairs in a particular country.

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