Straight Talk Africa, June 24th | Dr. Shaka Ssali Studio Guests – Presidential Aspirant Amama Mbabazi and Ambassador Herman J. Cohen

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Veteran host Dr. Shaka Ssali and his guests examine the reluctance of some African leaders to relinquish power when their terms are nearing an end and politics of succession on the Continent.

Washington Studio Guests: Amama Mbabazi, fmr. Ugandan Former Prime Minister and 2016 Ugandan National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential Aspirant and Ambassador Herman J. Cohen, fmr. U.S. Assistant Secretary for African Affairs and Author, ”The Mind of the African Strong Man: Conversations with Dictators, Statesmen and Father Figures”.

Source — Voice of America — Straight Talk Africa, Wed., June 24, 2015

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    Ed Kay

    After 30 years in power, and in very powerful positions, Rt Hon Mbabazivknows a thing or two why one keeps on going, esp himself, unless he takes no credit for the past 3 decades of NRM reign.What I liked most was that he was asked what he had to say about being the salesman of the public order act, it might bite him in “mule”

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