Wall Street Journal | Tanzanian Court Clears Extradition of Rebel Leader Jamil Mukulu to Uganda

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KAMPALA, Uganda—A Tanzanian court on Thursday cleared the extradition of Jamil Mukulu, leader of Congo-based Islamist rebel group Allied Democratic Forces, to face trail in Uganda for allegedly ordering a spate of deadly attacks against civilians since the 1990s.

Magistrate Cyprian Mkeha said he was satisfied Mr. Mukulu would face a fair trial in Uganda, his country of birth, according to Tanzanian and Ugandan officials who attended the hearing.

Mr. Mukulu’s lawyer couldn’t be reached for comment.

Asan Kasingye, the head of Interpol in Uganda, said the extradition would be completed within the next few days. “We don’t expect a lengthy appeal process in this matter,” Mr. Kasingye said. Mr. Mukulu is facing charges of murder, terrorism and treason.

Tanzanian police arrested Mr. Mukulu in Dar es Salaam in April, ending a yearslong manhunt for whom the United Nations and aid groups say is one of the region’s most brutal warlords.

‘The Islamist terror threat looks set to become more of a factor in Ugandan politics, as in so many places across the world.’
—François Conradie, an analyst with NKC African Economics
Mr. Mukulu, a former Roman Catholic who converted to Islam, founded the Allied Democratic Forces in the 1990s to topple the Ugandan government. He and his followers swept across Uganda and eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing thousands of people—mainly civilians, aid officials say.

The ADF fled a Ugandan army offensive 15 years ago and established bases in the eastern DRC. Since late last year, ADF rebels have killed more than 200 people there, the U.N. says. Mr. Mukulu was put on the U.N. sanctions list in 2011 for his alleged role in destabilizing the DRC.

Since his detention, Mr. Mukulu’s fighters have stepped up attacks against civilians and Tanzanian troops operating under the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo. Last month, ADF rebels attacked a convoy of peacekeepers, killing two Tanzanian troops and wounding 13 others.

Ugandan authorities have accused Mr. Mukulu of ordering the assassination of several Muslim leaders in the country for failing to cooperate with the ADF’s radicalization and recruitment drive. Mr. Mukulu hasn’t commented publicly about those allegations. But some human rights activists have said there isn’t evidence linking his group to the killings.

Analysts says Uganda is beginning to contend with homegrown terrorism and radicalization, which have infected other African nations, such as Kenya and Nigeria. “The Islamist terror threat looks set to become more of a factor in Ugandan politics, as in so many places across the world” said François Conradie, an analyst with NKC African Economics.

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