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THEMES; Love, Wealth, Jealousy, Betrayal and Revenge.

TAGLINE; Everybody has a dark side with secrets to hide.


WILLIAM KUGONZA (30) a Ugandan living in America is introduced as the new C.E.O of the DIASPORA TV by MR SMITH (50) an American and father to William’s wife. Smith is retiring but remaining a fifty percent owner of the station. AMANDA KAVUMA (27) a Ugandan, is the news Anchor who wants to know more about William’s private life.

William is an ambitious gentleman who seems to want more than what he is offered in the business. He plans to have the station to himself even if it means eliminating Mr. Smith.

Amanda a charming girl who out rightly aspires to get William’s attention but William is not willing to get to that now though he admires her so much. He has to secure his position as CEO first.


William’s wife FLORENCE SMITH (28) has a secret affair with a Ugandan doctor he helped to settle in the States DOCTOR RICK KAVUMA (30), a brother to Amanda of Diaspora TV. Amanda goes to her brother’s office and finds Doctor Rick kissing Florence in his office. Florence now learns that Dr. Ricky is a brother to Amanda. Florence pays off Amanda not to let the secret reach William. But this is a stepping stone for Amanda to get richer and closer to William.

Mr. Smith dies, and the station remains in William’s sole proprietorship. Florence is supposed to be the heir to Mr. Smith’s wealth but William is so smart to feign a debt to make sure that Smith’s wealth secretly returns to him.

William’s station progresses and gets a deal on the World wide Network. This calls for a celebration. William throws them a cocktail party at his home but Amanda invites Dr. Rick on behalf of the family to torment Florence. Florence and Rick act like they have never met before.

William declares his intention to stand for Governor. However, his ladder to such wealth remains unclear. He wants to rise higher in the political power by taking on several of the African-American communities.


Florence is so excited about her husband’s candidature; she manipulates Rick and tells him to join the William political camp.

William’s candidature gets popular, his ambition grows but the press cannot leave him alone, speculations increase on how he got his funds, and the hang on people in his camp, but no evidence is clear.

William is to travel to Uganda to present a paper at Makerere University ‘Freedom of the Fourth Estate: New Trends for a New Africa’ but he must go with Florence who must learn a new culture expected of Ugandan women like the dressing, folklore, music, etiquette in discourse and the new foods she is to encounter.

Florence relies on Rick who she thinks is a better instructor to her than William. She gets closer to Rick. Amanda gets to know about the renewed closeness, she also starts meeting William more often from his house.

Florence takes a journey to her late father’s house, she spends a night there, but she is surprised to get a call from Amanda late at night that she is just leaving their house. William denies the fact that he has seen Amanda that day.

Amidst confusion, Florence is surprised to meet Rick in town, who has followed her on her journey. This makes her suspect that Amanda must be getting closer to William or simply doing it to hurt her. Rick’s coming diverts her thoughts however and they discuss about handling Amanda’s advances to their relationship.


Back in town, Florence suggests to William to send Amanda on forced leave till the candidature is over. But Rick is against it, and he shows the danger of doing such at a time of his imminent candidature. Florence realizes that she cannot fight and win Amanda because she knows a lot more about her. Florence trusts her husband and she moves more often with him. And visits his office more but Amanda is not happy with this.

Amanda tells Ricky to marry another girl as a way of hurting Florence. Ricky’s relationship with William requires him a married man to avoid speculations; William buys the idea from Amanda but it seems to break Florence’s heart.

A new program director is brought to the TV station LINDA (28), she is an African-American. They seem not to get along with Amanda well. Rick comes to William’s office and meets Linda. Rick falls in love with her and she seems to come along. Amanda then changes her attitude to her; she sees this as an opportunity to haunt Florence. She makes sure she engineers a wedding thought and calls it a happy couple. But before she wins it, Linda becomes the boss’ favorite and this seems to have encroached on her space with Williams.


Amanda’s fiancée, ALLAN SMITH (29) returns from France and proposes to her and she accepts but the day she accepts she realizes that he comes from the Smith family where Florence comes from. She doesn’t know what t do apart from playing delaying tactics for the wedding.

Amanda and Ricky are stuck in relationships they cannot have or do away with. But Williams makes Ricky his right hand man for his candidature and trusts his counsel much.

Florence is concerned now that she sees herself losing Ricky to the new program director. But she is happy about William’s rising status as a political man. She looks forward to being a Governor’s wife.

William and Florence disagree on what is good for their political camp, the TV station, the stalking press, and their friends, but do they have the same reasons? Is Amanda ready to leave William alone and marry Smith? Is Ricky breaking free from Florence for Linda?

Stay tuned for this new Diaspora Soap coming soon and filmed on location in Massachusetts. For details and sponsorship contact (+1316-689-0222).

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    Am impressed by the script,It’s a good story line….Go go go


    Impressive work. We need to discuss about a few cinematography points over mail.

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