St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda Belmont Celebrates Mothers Union Women From All Saints Cathedral Nakasero

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On Sunday June 28th St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda Belmont hosted about 40 ladies from All Saints’ Cathedral Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda.  This visit had been in the works for several months. The theme of the visit was “TO SOW THE SEED OF LOVE”. The ladies who made it to Boston were all members of All Saints Cathedral and the Christian Women’s Fellowship, which embraces and unites all Christian women regardless of their marital status.


Within the Christian Women Fellowship is another Women’s Organization called Mothers’Union, which is exclusively for Christian women who are married in church. The Christian Women’s Fellowship aims at uniting and raising all Christian women in the fear, love and service of the Lord for that reason, it runs many programs, which foster and perpetuate unity and development – spiritual, social cultural and economic activities in every church and community.


The Christian Fellowship Patron Saint is Mary of Magdala (Mary the Magdalene or simply Mary Magdalene), the first woman to preach the Gospel of the Risen Christ. Her words to the disciples of Christ, “I have Seen The Lord” (John 20:18) on the the Day of the Resurrection are their Motto.
These ladies first heard about St. Peter’s Church of Uganda, Boston following the visits of Bishop Hannington Mutebi and later the Archbishop of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, both from All Saints. The purpose of their trip was to see and spend time with fellow Christians especially Christian women in the Diaspora.
They also came to sow the seed of love, by promoting  preaching of the Gospel of Christ, outlining Mary Magdalene’s ideals, promoting Bible study, helping those in need, upholding worldwide fellowship of Christian women in prayer and service and supporting programs aimed at educating women to respect themselves, their God and Christ for the benefit of God’s holy family.
Bible study is a great pillar of their faith and these ladies believe that when you educate a woman, you have educated the nation. And so on June 28th the ladies were treated to a farewell luncheon hosted in their honor after their two weeks stay in Boston. The event also coincided with the Church celebration of Fathers and Mothers Day.
The Rev. Dr. Alex Kasirye-Musoke, Rector, was also presented with a plaque recognizing his contribution as a representative of the Church of Uganda in New England. Below are a few of the images of the the colorful ceremony held at the Armenian hall in Watertown, Massachusetts on Sunday June 28th 2015.

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