Opinion | The Killing of Cecil — The One Lion in a Pride of Many That Has Angered Conservationists Across The Globe

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 The killing of an African lion named Cecil, a local favorite in a Zimbabwe National park, by an American dentist Dr. Walter Palmer is raising a storm of mega proportions on social media, whereas its disturbing it shows everything wrong with Africa today. We are ensconced with Greed and Corruption and this is partly to blame for this sad tragedy.

As l read the uproar all over the media about this sad event, l cannot help think that probably the local officials looked at how much they would earn without giving a damn that this beast was under study, was a local favorite because of its unique black mane and even had a GPS collar, considering 1 Zimbabwe Dollar = 0.00276 US Dollar, you can do the math in terms of local currency that $50,000 would fetch. Monetary gain is the motivation in this absurdity, Its amazing how corruption makes us so prone to asininity.

That said, in Africa there is this perception that everything is in abundance, the sun, forests, animals, people and natural resources, so we can destroy these with impunity since we sitting on some infinite source. This is why life doesnt mean anything or rather its very cheap in our part of the world, this is further exemplified in the senseless wars and slaughtering one another which is as common as its accepted. This, however is not true for all animals as some are endangered species.

Its only fair that instead of castigating the dentist, the government in Zimbabwe should let the world know what actions have been taken against the local officials. Certainly a tourist cannot come to visit a country and take himself to hunt un-assisted ? Surely there are officials and locals who are culpable in this matter.  The biggest news of the day has been a petition signed by over 100,000 people who are calling for Cecil the Lion’s killer extradited back to Zimbabwe. This has been addressed to the White-house and will be sure to get lots of attention in days to come.

If the unregulated killing of animals is bad enough how about the senseless killing of human beings? Which is worse, and where should our focus as humankind be? Look at Syria and Southern Sudan where political expediency takes center stage other than human life? This should equally be sending shock waves across the world! Am sure Africans are wondering why there is all this attention to the killing of one Lion in a pride of many. After all another dominant alpha-male will soon rise up to replace Cecil. But what are the lessons learned here? officials in Zimbabwe should enforce laws that protect animals earmarked for study by all means!

This event will definitely add to the spirited debate on trophy hunting verses conservation in general, but needless to say, lets focus more on the sanctity of human life and give it the attention it deserves!

Ambrose Ndiwulira — The writer is a member of Ugandan Diaspora community based in Massachusetts


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    It is good to note that there is still someone out trying to redirect the social media where they should direct their efforts…. my sympathies for the humans suffering in Syria and Sudan… if there is any balance maybe… I will consider Cecil.

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