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If you want to shop online, you go to Amazon. If you want to find a room to rent for a night in a city, you go to Airbnb. If you want to get a taxi, you go to Uber. If you want to book a band or DJ for your upcoming 40th birthday, you go to?

Fezah, a Uganda-based tech startup has developed an Android App that helps anyone planning an event to find, evaluate and book live music entertainment quicker. Released in May this year, the app gives you access to a growing portfolio of artists that you can request to book in a few clicks. According to the co-founders, Elijah Kitaka, Ham Namakajjo, and Bunmi Banjo formerly Google employees, the app addresses 3 main issues in the current booking process; Trust, Track Record, and Time.


The first couple of times you book a specific musician, band, or DJ, there is little trust on both sides. You are uncomfortable releasing money since you don’t know how reliable the artist is. The artist is also uncomfortable performing without full pay since they don’t know if you will keep your word and pay them right after the gig. Fezah helps in this situation through an escrow service.

The customer pays Fezah when a booking request is accepted by an artist. Fezah confirms to artist that money has been received but does not release the money to artist until after the performance. The customer has the confidence that if artist does not show up, or if they show up late, they will get a full or partial refund respectively from Fezah. The artist has the confidence that if they do what they promised to do, the money to pay them is already available and there will be no need to run after the customer after the gig.

Track Record

It’s one thing to know which artist you’d like to book. It’s another to know if they are reliable or whether their live performance lives up to what you hear when you play their CD. Fezah’s rating system can help you navigate this.

Fezah calculates and assigns a Quality Score and a Reliability Score to each artist. The quality score is based on user ratings of the artist’s past live performances, while the reliability score is based on behaviour of the artist such as timekeeping, appropriate dress code, and special requests fulfilment at past confirmed bookings. Because of this scoring methodology, an artist booked on Fezah has a strong incentive to show up on time for a gig and give a great performance, as this increases his/her rating and ranking, and will ultimately lead to more bookings.


Let’s say you have a shortlist of four artists that you are considering for your event. How long would it take you to find their contacts, get in touch with them or their managers, and get price and availability information from them for a given date? The more established the artist, the harder it will be for you to get this information quickly. It will also take additional time for you to compare these artists against the factors that are most important to you such as price, reviews and so on. The Fezah app is the quickest way to get this done.

Fezah has already collected all the information you need from lots of solo musicians, bands, and DJs, and continues to keep it up to date. In a few clicks, you get what you need to evaluate not just the 4 artists on your shortlist, but lots of others too that may be available for your date.

Install the Fezah app, available for free on Google Play, and give it a try it for your next event.

Elijah Kitaka
Cofounder & CTO, Fezah
+256.755.111.222 | +254.72.610.7980
Venture Labs Building | Plot 7 Binayomba Road | Bugolobi
Kampala, UGANDA

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