The Citizen | President Jakaya Kikwete Bids Farewell To Tanzania’s State House

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By Citizen Reporter — President Jakaya Kikwete said ten years of leadership are more than enough for the head of state to make significant changes. The president also called upon State House staff to give full support for the next president even more than what they did for him in his 10 years of leadership.

President Kikwete said this Friday night at a dinner banquet State House staff who bade him farewell. Speaking to State House staff, President Kikwete said he was to retire although it saddened him to say goodbye to his loyal staff of over 10 years.

“Certainly, I’m leaving a happy person. I have been on the presidential job for ten years, I hope you know what kind of job this is. Ten years are sufficient for head of state, to accomplish his agendas. I don’t think if any president will need more ten years to complete his basic agenda,” President Kikwete said.

He concluded: “Even if you want to stay much longer, you will not be able to accomplish everything. Mzee Nyerere stayed for 23 years, but he didn’t finish all and the remainder was handed over to Mzee Mwinyi who also handed it over to Mzee Mkapa. President Mkapa also did many things but he didn’t finish all as he handed it over to me. And I, too, will hand it over to the next president.”

Source — The Citizen | Tanzania’s leading English news site.

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    Leave happy, young, having not fought any useless wars, and without trillions of shillings squandered. Then you will live happily ever after. Asante Kikwete.

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