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The New Mexico Board of Nursing is proud to introduce the New Director of Education and Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP),  Ms. Ssenkungo is originally from Kampala, Uganda, and an immigrated to the United States in 1998. She lives in Roswell with her family that includes seven children.

Ms. Ssenkungo holds a MSN and a doctoral candidate Northcentral University in Prescott, Arizona. Her current research is ” A Phenomenological Study of English as a second language (ESL) Pre-Licensure nursing students and their NCLEX-RN Examination.” Her nursing practice has been in critical care, administration and nursing education. She is dedicated to ensuring excellence in nursing practice through quality nursing education and ensuring that New Mexico nursing programs maintain the Board’s standards.

My hobbies are horse ridding and music. 
She also inspires our Ugandan community in the diaspora to stay connected and knowledgeable, build a family legacy through financial Independence. She is an Independent Business Owner and CEO of Seven Wonders Organization (SWO).
In October SWO started a “11 months Campaign Kick-Off “in the diaspora to educate Africans (Ugandans) about financial independence, character building  and an attitude for Success.
Please join Ms. Ssenkungo in her nationwide campaign tour to get us all involved in SWO and see better changes in the diaspora and Uganda at large. In Boston she will be among the guest presenters at the Women’s International Community Initiative in Waltham.
Boston: November 13th at Rendezvous Restaurant and Club at 5:30-830pm on Moody St. And on Saturday November 14th at the Waltham Boys and Girls club starting from 10am. Ms. Ssenkungo will join Ugandan International Women of Boston for a series of empowerment seminars!

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Ø  Josephine Ssenkungo EdD(c), MSN, RN

Ø  Originally form Kampala, Uganda East Africa

Ø  Move to USA in 1998

Ø  Doctorate candidate at Northcentral University Prescott, AZ

o   Her Research Study: A Phenomenological Study of English as a Second Language (ESL )Pre-Licensure nursing students and their NCLEX-RN Examination”.

Ø  Studied Nursing Education and graduated with MSN from University of Phoenix

Ø  Practiced as a Critical care Nurse in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas

Ø  Dedicated to Nursing Excellency in practice through quality Nursing education and ensure minimum standards are met throughout nursing programs in New Mexico.

Josephine Ssenkungo EdD(c), MSN, RN

Director of Education and UAP

New Mexico Board of Nursing

6301 Indian School Rd. NE Suite 710

Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: (505) 841-9083 / Fax: (505) 841-8347 /

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    Kenneth Agoi

    Congratulations Josephine ! You are an inspiration to all diaspora. We are proud of you.


    Hello Kenneth,
    Its all Ugandans celebration to see our own Ugandan Lady Josephine Ssenkungo excel in academia and present our country- Uganda as a USA State employee and carry out the Education responsibility to serve the State of New Mexico at large and maintain excellence in Regulatory Practice and protect public safety through regulation of nursing care and services. Thank you!

    mable matini

    Congrats Josphine for the promotion as a result of hard work and a lot of dedication


    You are my hero, my role model, my friend, big help in my Nursing career, my spiritual buddy…. You never cease to put a smile on my face. Stay blessed Josephine.


    Thanks a bunch Mable and Bethsheba?


    Congratulations Josephine. Good to know there’s someone in such a position that I share the same country with. A friend of mine shared this link with me after you visited her church in CA.
    I am working on evaluation of my Ugandan nursing certificate and I look forward to consulting with you when am given permission to test for NCLEX.
    Success at this new position in your career!!


    You inspire me every day my daughter, may you fly high. Gloried should be given back to the Lord.


    You inspire me every day my daughter, may you fly high always. Glory be given back to the Lord .

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