NBS TV Raw Video | Embattled Kampala Mayor Lukwago Arrested, Shots Fired, Journalist Wounded

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A television reporter working for Delta TV was rushed to Mulago hospital after he was shot during a teargas-permeated scuffle in which defiant Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was arrested.

The journalist has been identified as Enock Kugonza while another person, councillor Mariam Kizito also suffered injuries and was rushed to hospital. Lukwago was whisked away to a yet-to-be-established location.

The scuffle started after the Kampala Mayor insisted on proceeding to the Electoral Commission offices for the mayoral nomination process, despite the deferment of the process by the Electoral Commission last week.


Earlier, Lukwago told reporters he was yet to receive official communication from EC on the postponement.
Today’s nominations were postponed as the commission awaited guidance from the minister in charge of Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze.

This followed the tabling of a bill in Parliament of the new KCCA Act amendments that seek to further empower the executive director while making the Lord Mayor post more ceremonial. The proposed amendments also controversially seek to transfer the suffrage powers to elect the Lord Mayor from the public to elected councilors.

Source — NBS Television Video and Report.

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    Cringe again! What in the world is going on with Uganda police, they behave like thugs with guns. Banange who is doing their job protecting the everyday guy from their bullying and gun happy behaviour. No different to hooligans wearing stolen police uniforms and undeserved badges. Do they understand they are meant to stand up, serve and protect the citizens while they exercise their right to speak up against unfairness, oppression & govt officials making up laws on the cuff that
    Treat Ugandans like ‘stupid’. The force of shame needs to go back to police training they ve not taught their responsibilities and code of conduct properly. No professional body would be proud with members behaving like this in uniform. Swadde ffende!!

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