NBS TV News Feed | Amama Mbabazi Unveils His Manifesto – Part I

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KAMPALA – It’s a policy document in which Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi, a former prime minister until September 2014, empties his political tool box. Like a fisherman, he leaves nothing to chance, casting his net wide early enough and keeping in the wait for what is harvested.

His approach is that of something for everyone, flagging “the new dawn upon us” theme of a government he would establish to benefit all citizens, if elected the country’s chief political executive.

From promising higher pay for teachers, salary enhancement and improved accommodation for members of the armed forces, and rejuvenation of farmers’ cooperative societies with re-introduction of a receipting system for their produce stored at Sub-county level silos, Mr Mbabazi brands himself as a caring man of generous ideas.

He wants pension available for all of Uganda’s ex-Sports internationals and pledges to clear gratuity arrears for veterans, including civilians that supported the 1981-86 National Resistance Army (NRA) guerilla war, whose external war he headed.

It is a debt incurred to bring to power President Museveni whom Mbabazi now wants to replace. The ex-premier says his government will offer 400, 000 and 3.5 million jobs for youth in public and private sectors, respectively, within the first five years of his administration. The pledges have no cost estimations, nor the source of funding.

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Key highlights:

• 444,160 new public sector jobs will be created at the Sub-county level (Public Sector)
• Create 3.5 million private sector jobs over five years (700, 000 jobs per year)
• Build community centres with recreational facilities, free internet and excellent sports facilities at every sub-county and qualified trainers
• A peaceful transition of leadership from our generation to your generation.

• A significant pay raise and improved welfare for teachers
• A system of teacher career progression where teachers are promoted
• Free staff houses to be constructed at school premises
• A teachers’ cooperative and saving society in every sub-county to provide cheap credit financing

• Safer child-birth and pre- and ante-natal care
• Affordable health insurance for all
• Protection from sexual and physical violence
• Security of ownership of land and property


• Improved healthcare
• User-friendly school facilities for children with special needs to realise full potential
• Introduction of nursery section in government primary schools
• Good quality education for all

• Return of cooperative societies, and irrigation
• Establish “the Uganda Seed company” to guarantee availability of quality seed and other agro-inputs
• One silo at every sub-county for improved post-harvest handling
• A warehouse receipting system

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• You will receive your pensions
• Payment of gratuity arrears to all military and civilian veterans (liberation supporters)
• Introduction of a National Veterans’ Day
• Establish village community bank at every Sub-county

Senior citizens:
• Free health insurance for all citizens above 65 years
• Automatic entry of retiring public employees on pension roll
• Guarantee that gratuities will be received within one month of retirement
• Offer monthly grants for senior citizens in Uganda

Business community:
• Value Added Tax (VAT) reduced from 18 per cent to 16 per cent
• VAT exemption on commercial electricity tariff
• More opportunities
• Overall lowered electricity prices

• Enforcement of the copyright and intellectual property rights law
• Redesigned and upgraded national museum and national theater to international standards

Sports fraternity:
• All ex-international sports personalities to receive a pension
• Better facilitation to our sports men and ladies on international duty
• Rejuvenation of community sports facilities at Sub-county level
• Development of sports centres of excellence and regional stadiums

Armed forces:
• Build new houses for decent accommodation
• Enhance wages for our armed forces, police, prisons and the army
• Armed forces will be properly equipped

Diaspora community
• Ability to vote from Uganda’s Missions and embassies abroad
• Equal treatment with resident nationals (no visas)
• Can own freehold or mailo land
• Institute a diaspora service division at all embassies

Source — Daily Monitor – NBS You Tube Video feed.

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