Anne Kansiime’s Super Successful Diaspora Event, Sells Out Comedy Show in Maryland, USA

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Anne Kansiime did not leave a single rib “uncracked” on November 27th!! Kids laughed, mothers cackled, husbands belted out in glee, single people hollered and the whole hall reverberated with laughter and joy, with an almost tangible sense of thanksgiving.


The filled to capacity room was a rainbow of different diaspora Africans, from Ugandans, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Nigerians, Ghanians, Rwandese and several others.  Her show at the Metro Points Hotel was a huge success, with all tickets sold out. And what’s amazing is that people actually showed on time and lined up to get into the highly anticipated  African Comedy Central event.


Anne had been to the USA before this event to host another awards show, but this time around, she was back to headline a comedy event organized by the talented DJ Caroli Mpoza in partnership with Grajoh Talent Management, led by UK based Johnson Mujungu (Anne Kansiime’s Personal Manager)


DJ Mpoza did such an awesome job making sure the event was a success, he organized the line up of the comedians, a Reggae band that kept us entertained and a beautifully orchestrated fashion Show.


The host of the show was Actor/Comedia Dulo, who did an amazing job with a range of jokes and impersonations. He helped smoothly bridge the transitions from one comedian to another, as well as orchestrating the Kwetu fashion show, featuring beautiful designs by Miss Temeke.


You could tell though that all the attendees were truly waiting for the final act of the night, which kicked off at 9:00pm and ended at 10:00pm. The other comedians did their best to keep the audience entertained until Anne’s name was called up. She came on the stage dancing to Sitya Loss by Eddie Kenzo, and we all joined in dancing away as laughter swept through the vibrant crowd.


Check out this video from the event.

Below are some photos from the African Comedy Central comedy evening. If you didn’t attend, you truly missed out on a great thanksgiving evening filled with laughter. We can’t wait for Ann Kansiime to come back again to the DMV.

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