Events Highlights | Multi Professional Consultants Says Thank You to Boston – Elks Lodge, Lexington, MA – November 29th.

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On Saturday 29th November all roads led to the Elks Lodge in Lexington, Massachusetts were the Multi Professional Consultants led by Dr. Michael Kisembo held their customer appreciation day. As the host Dr, Kisembo shared a few welcoming remarks and reminded those present of Multi Professionals Consults commitment to educate the community about new rules and the developments in the Tax industry both here in the US and how it relates to Foreign countries in which MPC clients have Financial interests.


He also provided vital information about the Federal Income tax program including tax write offs, donations to Charitable contributions made to churches and more. In his presentation he also shared some new tax codes and how they may impact the Diaspora examples included Foreign Asset Tax compliance Act (FATCA) – Enacted in 1970 the act requires a USA person irrespective of his Immigration status to Disclose all his/her Financial Assets worldwide – cash, stocks, bonds, accounts and brokerage accounts.


Michael Gray a Regional VP at Primerica – He Represents Primerica, the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America. Primera strives to help families earn more income, become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.


Health Care for all — Mr. Ramos became the Outreach and Organizing Manager at Health Care For All in February of 2013, and since then has been very active in community education programs related to the Affordable Care Act across the state of Massachusetts. He did a great job explaining the health benefits available to all diaspora living in Massachusetts.


Mr. Samuel Senfuma,​ Underwriter at Middlesex Bank discussed the importance of good credit and how to avoid ruining your credit in the US. He was able to educate his audience about the key elements back look for when denying credit. He also encouraged those without credit to start with a Macy’s card as way to build personal credit rating. However cautioned against default reminder his audience that late payments are reported to the credit bureaus even though its not your fault some of this information later comes back to bite you if you trying to buy a home. So on time payments is always key to maintain a good credit rating in the US.


Mr. Godfrey talked about Turning Ideas into Business – Why we need to plan for any business.
A business plan is a road-map for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals. He reiterated the need to set targets and goals in order to manage expectations and realize a profit.


However it was Sergeant June Conway a seasoned veteran of the Waltham Police department who carried the day through the community policing initiative she articulated to those present the dangers in disobeying the law, driving under the influence (DUI) resisting arrest and the need to know your rights while maintaining knowledge of how the system works. After every session a Q&A session followed that allowed those present to seek clarification on various topics of interest.


Ggwanga Mujje Boston community life insurance policy and how to apply for this life insurance program was another topic of interest – the discussion on this subject was led by the Kabaka’a representative to Boston Omulongo Kato Kajubi who shared the new changes including transition to Metlife as the parent company that would manage the policy.


The other technology element of the event came in form of a presentation of a new app for both android and iphone users that allows you to Pay bills for your family members in East Africa using a simple but convenient secure system. The app allows online payments for Airtime, TV subscriptions, Electricity and Internet services. For details Call Davis or send SMS to (310) 776-5044 or send us an email at


Overall this was a successful community event attended by both church and community leaders and representatives from the Waltham Municipal council that also encouraged Ugandans to join the school committees as a way to effect change in the Waltham and Ugandan community. The event ended with a sumptuous dinner and happy hour courtesy of Dr. Kisembo and his Multi Professional Consultants team.


Event Partners included Ugandan Diaspora News and Radio Uganda Boston. A special thank you to Dr. Micheal Kisembo and the entire MPC staff for giving back and building the Boston community.  Ugandan Diaspora News now brings you some of the highlights from the community event held on Saturday November 29th.