The Observer | Family ‘Confirms’ Leaked Dead Body Pictures are Christopher Aine’s

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The family of Christopher Aine, the head of security of independent presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi who disappeared from home several weeks ago believes the published dead pictures run in the media today are that of their missing son.

The family of the missing aide of the ex-premier believes the person in the picture is Aine. Michael Mubiru, a brother to Aine says the physical features and scars on the body are those of his sibling.

“Aine had an accident before and got a scar on the cheeks and on the eye just like the ones on the picture,” said Mubiru. The family members rushed to Mulago City Mortuary this morning to try and identify the body but couldn’t trace the body that was in the picture.

Also Babirye Aine said that the published pictures, also running on social media indeed looked like that of her missing twin brother.

“We have been shown different bodies but none is the one in the picture. We want police and the media to tell us where the body is,” Moses Musasizi relative said.

Meanwhile MPs have tasked government to explain the disappearance and now the reported death of Aine. Internal Affairs Minister, Rose Akol disclosed to the Defense Committee of Parliament while responding to a point of concern raised by Milton Muwuma (Kigulu South) that government will soon have all the details.

“And today’s [Red Pepper] paper has reported that he has been found dead. So as a committee we want to get a brief from the minister responsible who is the minister of Internal Affairs who is in charge of the police. We want a brief to this committee; where they found the body, whether the police has managed to trace the culprits or the murderers of the young man such that we can also be able to explain to the whole country”, Muwuma said.

Akol said police is trying to ascertain the authenticity of the reports first.

“First of all the identification process hasn’t taken place to get to know [that] this is the person we have been looking for and also definitely investigations are going to immediately to be part of that process to know what really happened to Mr Aine if at all that the picture is confirmed that it is the person we’ve been looking for and is now the person that is dead.

That is a process that is going to take place but a sure by midday today we should be having quite some information in addition to what am telling you to report to the committee and House if this comes up regarding this person.  So far the police is also busy, first they were looking for him but now that the press has reported that there is a body they have identified purportedly for Mr Aine, am sure the due process  of investigations and knowing whether the person they have been looking for is now on”, Akol said.

The defense committee chairperson, Benny Namugwanya tasked Akol to table a detailed statement with on the investigations surrounding Aine’s disappearance this afternoon. The minister had appeared before the committee to defend the Anti-terrorism Amendment bill, 2015 together with her deputy, James Baba.

Aine disappeared three weeks ago after Police started hunting for him and other supporters of Mbabazi following clashes between Mbabazi and NRM supporters in Ntungamo.

Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura announced a bounty (reward) of Shs 20 million for anyone who will volunteer information leading to Aine’s arrest. Mbabazi’s legal team led by Severino Twinobusingye has since filed a suit against olice for holding Aine illegally.

Police has instituted a team of detectives and forensic experts to begin investigations into the whereabouts of the body. Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson asked those who published the picture to avail police with more details.

“We want the media and the people who put the picture on Social media to avail us their source so we can find the body. Thereafter, we can call the relatives to identify it,” Enanga says.

Local tabloid, Red Pepper editors who published the purportedly pictures of the body of Aine have been summoned to report to Police specialized investigations unit in Kireka today 4.30pm.

Source — Weekly Observer.

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