The New York Times | Dissident Ugandan General Arrested Ahead of Elections

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General David Sejusa

KAMPALA, Uganda — A military general who opposes Uganda’s longtime president was arrested ahead of presidential elections next month, his lawyer said Sunday.

The home of Gen. David Sejusa, who has called President Yoweri Museveni a dictator, was surrounded by armed military police early Sunday, said Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi. Sejusa is under house arrest, said Rwakafuuzi.

Sejusa’s arrest is likely to raise tensions ahead of presidential elections on Feb. 18. It was not possible to get a comment from the government or military.

Museveni, who is campaigning for re-election, has ruled Uganda since 1986, when he led a group of rebels who had waged a bush war against a government they accused of rigging elections.

Sejusa, who had been one of the senior commanders of those rebels, eventually became a four-star general, was on the military high command and led Uganda’s domestic and external spy agencies. Now Sejusa openly accuses Museveni of violating the ideals for which they waged that guerrilla war.

In 2013, Sejusa wrote a letter to the domestic spy chief urging him to investigate allegations of a plot to kill high-ranking government officials seen as being opposed to the political rise of Museveni’s son, a brigadier who commanders the special forces. Facing likely arrest, Sejusa, who, was traveling in Europe at the time, sought asylum in London. He quietly returned home in Dec. 2014.

“It is thought that the Museveni regime, which has ruled Uganda for nearly 30 years, and may be facing defeat at the coming elections … has a plan to arrest top Uganda pro-democracy activists, like General Sejusa, so as to forestall possible mass uprising that is seen as inevitable should Museveni refuse to hand over power to the victorious political opposition,” Free Uganda, a pro-democracy group, said in a statement.

Source — New York Times and Associated Press Report.

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    Roger Paul Kamugasha

    It’s true General Sejjusa has been put under house arrest ahead of the general elections. As a serving soldier I think Sejjusa was not expected to engage into acts that seem to be inciting an insurrection before elections. What i do not agree with is the distortion of facts. Where is the victorious political opposition they talk about? An opposition that is currently losing grip? The latest genuine independent poll result puts Museveni at 85% then why would the opposition and their foreign affiliations start
    Talking of Museveni refusing to hand over power to the victorious opposition? This media propaganda is meant to create tension in the general population.

    Roger Paul Kamugasha

    The opposition in Uganda is currently below 15 percent. They have now resorted to claims that the government had already stolen ballot papers en route from South Africa after realizing that Museveni is growing more popular countrywide. All this is as a result of preparing the population for an insurrection.

    Paul Dextre Simba

    In Uganda, it has now become an affair of family,friends and inlaws. General Sejjusa is just one of a kind but so many other activists have been arrested,detained and some even “killed” because some activists traits have not been seen again such as Chris Aine who till today his whereabouts are not known. In Kampala the Capital here we live in fear because we are not certain of who lives the next day or not. This is mainly because this dictatorial government has put up measures to harass the poor people instead of supporting them.
    I therefore call upon the international community and democracy well wishers to intervene in our Ugandan situation otherwise the Musevenism idea is leading Uganda into a failed state.
    For God and my Country.


    What planet is roger Paul kamugasha? M7 is loosing support in most NRM stronghold. We Ugandans are tired of this maderous dictator who have reduced Ugandans to destitutes in our own country. A few criminals can hold 38 million Ugandans prisoners. Let’s stand up and rebarate our country for the future generation

    Paul WM

    The Ugandan government is out to surprise anyone who opposes President Museveni. They have plans to rig this elections as ever before. Just as the US and Britain were out to protect the people of Lybia against Gadafi, they should come and help us over come the dictatorship of Museveni.


    Roger is Nephew to Dictotar’s guys.We watching…..!!!You benefit and we lower class we cry to death.Everything got an END.


    who is Rogers, from his name , he looks like a relative of Museveni. how many NRM Card have we the opposition gathered.he better change his mind before its late.


    Roger kamu……………….. We are very tired and you should get worried because you thieves are going and make sure that if opposition goes through then you stupid kem………………… Should find a way out of this nation. Vote besigye

    obany Lawrence

    America , UK and other international communities where are you? Uganda is being doomed by museveni and his family. please stop watching ugandans suffer under ruthless dicta ship of museveni and his family act now please. Ugandas are just refugees in their own motherland Uganda. please help us Obama museveni is phasins us off from our own country.

    Mawanda Achilles

    General Se just is detained in Makindye military barracks since Sunday.

    Mawanda Achilles

    General Sejusa has been under detention since Sunday 31.01.2016 at Makindye military barracks.

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