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When booking airfare for your next adventure, Tuzola has you covered! A new start-up company that is changing the face of travel, Tuzola is a full-service website geared toward the needs of international travelers. With its advanced online platform and high-end customer service, Tuzola is the first in the industry to allow flexible and affordable installment payment plans!

The Tuzola Mission

Tuzola was founded in April 2015 by a group of passionate individuals who had dreams of providing high-quality, convenient travel booking. Although online airfare booking is available through a number of well-known sites, our founders saw that no company offered the option of paying for tickets in installments.

We knew there had to be a better way, and Tuzola was born! Based out of Chicago, Illinois, this exciting start-up company is staffed by expert travel agents who can assist you with every step of the booking process.

Specializing in international travel, the Tuzola business model simplifies the process of traveling overseas by providing its customers with a level of flexibility that is unmatched by competitors in the current market. With affordable payment options, you can now book your airfare at the lowest cost and make installment payments directly through Tuzola to easily budget for your next vacation.

The Tuzola Advantage

In the competitive online airfare industry, Tuzola stands out from the crowd. The state of the art technology built into our online platform allows you to find and book your flight at the lowest rates through a simple, intuitive design. Simply search for the flight you want, and then easily compare prices from over 400 different airlines!

Once you have found the perfect flight, follow our simple online process to make your initial deposit and set up a flexible payment plan.

There are several major advantages to using Tuzola when booking your international airfare, including:

  • Flexible Payment Options

Whether you are traveling alone or as a family, our simple installment payment program is designed to fit your lifestyle.

  • Holding your Flight

Find the perfect flight, but need more time to make a final decision? No problem! We can hold the booking on most flights for two to three days before requiring an initial deposit.

  • Saving Money

Never worry again about paying premium costs for last-minute airfare! With Tuzola you can book with confidence and pay for your ticket in a way that suits your budget.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

Staffed by experts in the travel industry, Tuzola has both online and offline support available to help you through every step of the booking process.

Booking flights for international travel has never been easier! Although still a newcomer to the world of online airfare booking, Tuzola is poised to top the market within a few short years. With simple search features, exceptional customer service, and convenient payment plans, Tuzola allows you to book your international airfare with confidence!

There is no better time to join us in bringing our vision of affordable, convenient travel booking to life! For the best deals, call or WhatsApp us at 773-310-9923, or visit our website for 24 hour access to the next generation of international airfare booking!


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