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Dear Readers,

What started as a joke for those who worship at the altar of celebrities is now a reality — Donald Trump has finally clinched the nomination of the Republican party. The party that is home to some of America’s greatest leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan will now unite behind the most unlikely candidate who caught the party establishment off-guard when they they underestimated the power Trump Movement. But to many this bully and celebrity reality television star whose gaffes have rubbed many the wrong way is off to what many have described as an unrelenting ugly contest in waiting if Trump faces Hillary Clinton in November.

With  Sen.Ted Cruz the voice of the conservatives and evangelicals within the Republican party now crashed after being described by the former house speaker of congress John Boehner as ‘Lucifer in the Flesh’,  its about time the party reunited. The GOP establishment overlooked the fact that the public was tired of politics as usual in Washington and opted to go with an outsider against the wishes of the RNC party establishment a mistake they will live to remember!

Sen. Ted Cruz the man behind the government shut down that cost the Federal Government millions met a firewall in Indiana that effectively ended his campaign. Gov. John Kasich whose delegates math was way behind that of Sen. Marco Rubio has now conceded and formally ended his campaign. But after witnessing a race that involved 17 fine Republicans vying for the the GOP nomination pundits now predict a Trump vs Hillary election slug-fest!

Both parties are now facing the uphill task of uniting their party faithfuls behind the official party flag bearers even as dissenters continue to grow. However the contests have now exposed the weaknesses of the party and the super delegates system in deciding the party nominee. When asked about the two front runners pundits now describe it as a lopsided race that will present the worst of both worlds while others are pointing to a Third Party Challenge given the divisions of this Primary election season and the failure of some to embrace both Trump and Clinton as their nominees.

On the democratic side Bernie Sanders has continued to gain momentum as more Democrats and people on ‘Main Street’ continue to fuel his campaign giving him the clutch effect that continues to give Hillary sleepless nights. The win in Indiana was a big boost that allowed him to bag more delegates an indicator that perhaps Hillary is far from effectively locking down this nomination contest. Some will still blame the DNC party politics for imposing Hillary on the people. The Sanders campaign and the small margin wins between him and Hillary in Massachusetts and New York are proof that the race on the democratic side might go all the way to the contested convention in July. Key to Bernie’s message has been free tuition at universities, universal healthcare for all and raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour among other things. On the other hand Hillary is accused of jumping bed with Wall Street. She will need to do more to re-brand and repackage herself this time round even as the ghosts of 2008 begin to haunt her.  Her scandals at the State Department will be fodder for all the campaign season coming up in the fall  – as she continues to battle Bernie who refuses to go away. Hillary has definitely felt the ‘Bern’ this election cycle!

Back home in Uganda the politics of those that feel some sort of entitlement has not spared us given the wheeling and dealing we have witnessed for the position of house Speaker.  The level of discord between the current speaker and her deputy has been cause for alarm having openly traded barbs in the media.  Though the President and the Central Executive Committee of th NRM have finally stopped the bleeding and endorsed Hon. Rebecca Kadaga for Speaker this has further exposed the divisions and intrigue within the NRM party. It appears that with NRM’s longevity in power we are now seeing the politics of ring fencing positions based on seniority rather than ability to lead. Some have also argued that given the level of debate in our Parliament today we might need an entirely new body of MPs now that the office of a Member of Parliament has been reduced to the loudest noise makers, comedians and those politicians with the deepest pockets. Their vote to avoid taxation while the rest of the nation carries their tax burden has also further alienated these honorable members from the public they are meant to serve.

My take on the Presidency as we head for another term is this —  If our President learnt any lessons from the past election cycle championing legislation that calls for a constitution amendment restoring terms limits and creating the office of a Deputy President with full executive powers as a way to prepare for 2021 is the right thing to do. This business of having ceremonial Vice Presidents is not helping our transition process. President Museveni should also extend an Olive branch to for the sake of uniting the nation by inviting the opposition to join his cabinet in a government of national unity. That way the dissenting voices that constituted the 3 million voters including those that abstained would feel somewhat represented. We also need the Electoral Commission in its current form disbanded given their gross incompetence and poor performance in the last election. Otherwise for the President to continue surrounding himself with cadres who sing his praises has greatly diminished and undermined his image and legacy. Many of these cadres are fighting for their political and economic survival whilst cheering him on.

Regarding the defiance campaign although I have always had issue with the way our current opposition presents its agenda, I am now of the view that owing to the conduct of the government and some of its operatives especially the Police, the opposition should never have gone to court after losing the last election. By doing so the opposition essentially removed the pressure from the NRM government to force an audit of the elections results and instead legitimized the election outcome. In spite of all the excesses of the 2016 election the opposition continues to be treated as ‘subjects’ and not citizens whose fate was sealed way before the election ever took place. Their civil liberties have now been grossly violated by a regime in fear of an insurrection. Recent pronouncements  by the Constitutional court that saw a case presented ex parte without respondents from the opposition present in court a move that has also been criticized by the Uganda Law Society as a travesty of justice further eroding the independence of our Judiciary. The politics of fear and intimidation has essentially taken over much of the political landscape in Uganda. While I do not condone violence I strongly believe we need a generation shift in our politics that attracts both the elite and the down trodden if we are to see better service delivery in all sectors of our economy. ‘Uganda Yaffe Fena’ no one party must dominate the political playing field for this long while denying others their basic human rights and freedom of assembly.

A new set of eyes will help revive our national airline start in order for us to start cashing in on our tourism — here I am tempted to ask how Rwanda Air continues to expand and stay afloat while our national carrier killed off and liquidated. We need a more vibrant Uganda Tourism Board and a perhaps a national body tasked with promoting and improving our national image Uganda abroad through the use of tourism centers established across the globe and manned by qualified Ugandans to help sell our battered image, promote our coffee, tourism and other things that make Uganda gifted by nature. There must be a zero tolerance toward corruption and those found guilty asked to account or their assets confiscated. The new HIV is now Cancer that is decimating many lives probably due to poor healthcare system that lacks the ability to detect and prevent such epidemics.

And so as we head for yet another Presidential inauguration let those advising the President remind him that principles for which he fought a protracted guerrilla war have long disappeared and people want to see a fundamental change in both politics and  governance of our country. We don’t need rulers but leaders that will govern us with a clear mandate to protect and serve and not the other way round. Lets therefore unite as a people since we are capable of so much more for a country that was compared to Singapore in the late 1960’s in terms of the rate of growth we can definitely triple our GDP from 27 Billion dollars a year and get our young people working again.

Quote — A Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth — Abraham Lincoln

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.The Unanimous Declaration of the original thirteen United States of America – July 4th 1776

For God and My Country!

God bless.
— Ronnie Mayanja
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    paul busharizi

    hillarious!! so you criticise a party that ring fences positions for historicals and in the same breath order the president to appoint a deputy president to take us beyond 2021?! and all with a straight face!

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