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Fellow petitioners, supporters and well wishers,

After awaiting parliamentary action on the Dual citizenship law in vain, we have invoked our constitutional right to seek expert interpretation of the Dual Citizenship Law as it pertains to Ugandans residing abroad in the Constitutional Court. This is not a criminal proceeding against the Ugandan Government but rather a quest for justice through expert interpretation of the law.

We need your support, to provide concrete examples of how you have been disadvantaged or had your rights abused as a naturalized citizen of Uganda by the Dual Citizenship Law or its implementation in Uganda. For example: have you been unfairly treated because you are a dual citizen. Have your children been made to pay visa fees, denied entry into Uganda or denied Ugandan passports etc.

Please contact us with facts on: so that we include your evidence in our affidavit. Alternatively you can contact our lawyer: M/S Frank Tumusiime & Co. Advocates. Plot 4, Pilkington Road, Fourth Floor, Suite 63B, FAMI HOUSE (next to Colline House) Tel +256 414 668596 email

Furthermore, we need monetary contributions to help pay for these proceedings. The money will directly go towards the costs of engaging a Constitutional Lawyer and the administration of filing our case.  We shall soon be giving you details of the exact costs involved and an account where to deposit the money.

We believe that we have a credible case of many Ugandans that have been unfairly treated by the law which must in its current form does not favor the contributions of those hard working Ugandans abroad.
We look forward to hearing from you and adding your voices to this petition as we seek redress and interpretation of the dual citizenship law.

Your social justice advocates,

  1. Kamara (Australia), S. Twinoburyo (South Africa), S. Asiimwe (Luxembourg) and Ronnie Mayanja (USA).
    Ps. Below is a link to the case in the news:

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