The First Ever Ugandan Royal Doll Collection ~ Debut of 18 Inch Dolls of Princess Nkinzi and Namikka, Crown Prince Wassajja

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Ugandans Making a Difference in the Diaspora ~ Something truly awesome and exciting is coming to you fellow Ugandans in the Diaspora and back home in Uganda: Yvonne Senkandwa, an author and writer based in California, USA, has created a beautiful doll line that is Unique and Authentically Ugandan, with a debut of the first ever Ugandan Royal Doll collection featuring  Crown Prince Wassajja, Princess Lily and 2 Characters from Yvonne’s children’s book series entitled “An African Adventure of Uganda Princesses.”


Ugandan Diaspora News caught up with Yvonne with some key Questions

We asked Yvonne What inspired her to create the characters in the books and dolls.

Yvonne’s Answer: “I was inspired both by my family and the Buganda Kingdom. 9 years ago when my niece was born, I had a hard time finding books and dolls that taught culture and royalty. Finally, I found a doll that I ended up buying.Somehow, I didn’t have a sense of satisfaction, now almost 10 years later my family now has seven little girls, and I have now created both books and dolls for all little girls around the world. As a mother, I am satisfied with the dolls and books. I smile deeply at the happiness I see on my daughter, nephews, and nieces’ face when playing with the Royal Doll Collection.”

With such a hot item, we knew it would be a matter of time before our fellow Ugandans asked her Where people could buy the dolls and books online, or in physical stores:

Yvonne’s Answer: “​The book series and dolls are not yet available in physical stores but we diligently are working on that. For now Pre-Orders of the books and dolls are available online at ~ Dolls will be available for Sale: December 2016​”

About the Author :

Kenyan-born to Ugandan parents Yvonne was raised in Pasadena (a suburb of Los Angeles), California. She completed French language & French Literature course work at Universite d’ Aix-Marseille III, France and graduated from California State University, Northridge with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and earned an MBA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Yvonne has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, and an academic editor with an international publisher for high school text books and an international neurosurgical journal. Yvonne is multilingual (English/ French/Luganda), enjoys horseback riding, and horse racing.


Doll Background:

Inspired to teach the principles of integrity, kindness, and love, author Yvonne Senkandwa of An African Adventure of Ugandan Princesses children’s book series debuts the first Royal Doll Collection that can project an image of self-beauty in girls all around the world; the twin characters Nkinzi and Namikka, Crown Prince Wassajja and Princess Lily doll collection mirror the more than 800 year old Ugandan Royal family to bring culture and royalty to children.

The book series which made its debut at the 2015 2nd Annual Pasadena Author Fair as a part of Pasadena’s biannual ArtNight celebration,was endorsed by Her Royal Highness Nnaabagereka (Queen) Sylvia Nagginda of Buganda Kingdom, as “Nnaabagereka Development Foundation (NDF) and HRH Nnaabagereka view that the content is appropriate for the Diaspora children who are being introduced to their mother tongue while in a foreign land. And also believe that the books feed into NDF and HRH Nnaabagereka strategic goals of “Social Transformation Through Obuntubulamu (Dignity)”; and that of “Cultural Voice” that aims at teaching our children Luganda Language and using culture as a platform for change.”

Senkandwa says “The monarchy is where I found my inspiration to write to girls. Our Queen, Her Royal Highness Sylvia Nagginda is an exceptional role model with a servant heart for her people. She is a modern Queen in every sense. It brings me so much joy to see how she reaches out to people effortlessly. It was my desire that this kind of beauty be visible to girls through the children book series and dolls.”


The 18 inch dolls, uniquely dressed in a Bu-Tutu, a clever combination of the Buganda traditional wear called a Busuuti and a ballerina Tutu with Prince Doll wearing a traditional Ugandan Kanzu, attire will also be available for sell to their doll owners. Senkandwa wants to attract the broadest possible audience by diversifying the toy aisle for all children who play with dolls.

Senkandwa adds “The opportunity to showcase Princess Nkinzi & Namikka dolls and books allow girls to know their beauty in a world filled with other beautiful girls of different races and ethnic background. It is this strong knowledge of self that will springboard her to self-fulfillment and connectedness to the world around her.



1)       Princess Nkinzi
Deluxe 18 inch Girl Doll – Twin Princess of the Buganda Royal Family who invite children to join them on a Royal African Adventure

 2)       Princess Namikka
Deluxe 18 inch Girl Doll – Twin Princess of the Buganda Royal Family who invite children to join them on a Royal African Adventure

 3)       Crown Prince Wassajja
Deluxe 18 inch Boy Doll – Royal Buganda Prince and brother to the twin joins his twin sisters to teach children about Ugandan royalty

4)       Princess Lily
Deluxe 18 inch Girl Doll – Royal friend to the twin Princesses. They meet at the Farmers market and later the Princesses invite her to their tea party

·         Includes: Bu-tutu dress/ or Kanzu Attire, Tiara/ or Crown, Shoes, Storybook
·         Articulation: Articulated
·         Material: Plastic
·         Hair Color: Black
·         Dimensions: 20.000 H x 5.000 W x 12.500 L
·         Weight: 4.000
·         Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
·         Battery: No battery used,
·         Care and Cleaning: Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth
·         Origin: Imported


Check out the work of Yvonne on Facebook at:

Website: ~ Dolls will be available for Sale: December 2016


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