MTN WebPhone App For Diaspora | Make Calls to Uganda From Anywhere In the World at Local Rates

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Make Calls to Uganda from anywhere in the world at local rates

  • MTN introduces WebPhone app for smartphones, easing international calls to Uganda
  • Customers need to sign up for the service prior to travelling

Kampala, Uganda: – MTN introduced a new mobile and web app called WebPhone that is an alternative cost-effective way of communication for frequent travellers and those living in the diaspora.

The app is ideal for business travelers and those doing business outside the country that make frequent calls back home; and offers the same call rates as local call charges, to any network in Uganda.

Users can make calls over the internet either from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, by signing up for a virtual “WebPhone number” (032), which then becomes the username that is used to sign in to the mobile or PC application.

The mobile app’s sleek interface offers the user quick access to their phone contacts, as well as the option to make calls using either the WebPhone number (Phone Call) or the number of the SIM used in the mobile device (Regular Call).

The benefit of using the WebPhone number while calling from outside Uganda is that it is significantly cheaper than any of the currently available alternatives for making international calls to Uganda, making it the ideal solution for the business traveller

“We are pleased to introduce a product that offers convenience to our customers outside Uganda while dramatically reducing the cost of communication. This is inline with our commitment to offer our customers more value on all offers,” said the General Manager, MTN Business, Mr. Reginald Kafeero.

Ability to call non-smartphone users

While WebPhone relies on the Internet, its users have the unprecedented advantage of making calls to people without smartphones. This offers a key difference between WebPhone and other existing Voice over IP (VoIP) apps.

“With MTN WebPhone you can use the Internet to make calls to any Ugandan number from anywhere in the world at local rates, allowing you to spend only as much as you would spend while calling from an MTN fixed line in Uganda,” she added.

To get started, contact to sign up for your 032 number, register and then start using the service. Alternatively you can visit the MTN Businesscentre at Plots 1 – 4 Nyonyi Gardens, Kololo to get signed up for the service.​

The MTN WebPhone app can be downloaded from is available for Windows PC, Android and iOS devices.

About MTN Uganda
Launched in 1998, MTN Uganda is the leading communications operator in Uganda, offering Mobile and Fixed telecommunications, Mobile Money Services and Internet Service Provisioning. As of 31st December 2015, MTN Uganda recorded 8.9 million subscribers across Uganda. Visit us at and for our football fans Customers can also follow us on and for assistance.

About the MTN Group
Launched in 1994, the MTN Group is a leading emerging market operator, connecting subscribers in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East. The MTN Group is listed on the JSE Securities Exchange in South Africa under the share code: “MTN.” As of 31st December 2015, MTN recorded 232.5 million subscribers across its operations in Afghanistan, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Republic, Iran, Liberia, Nigeria, Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and Zambia. Visit us at,,

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    ALan Kisaka

    What about those living abroad and want to make a call back to Uganda?
    How do they set up an MTN account if they are not in the country.
    Does MTN provide a way for them to be set up?


      You didn’t read? Did you go to the real webpage about it? Found it here:

      First you email them, then they set you up with the account. Then, you can use a 3rd party service and pay with VISA/MC/PayPal to load airtime onto that MTN number.

      What’s frustrating is that the MTN site doesn’t really give an idea about what are these “local rates”. I’d imagine we could find those on another page…the 3rd party airtime funding services charge 17-35% currency conversion fee. I get that they need a fee structure, but even if the MTN app rates are cheap, funding the app becomes expensive. Why not accept payment via Google Pay? The app is already in Play Store. Best option would be to get a local to throw some cash onto the number at an MTN stand.



    Its a stealthy spy software disguising as a webphone targeting rich,elite and those in diaspora to collect information to the junta family. I urge those using it to have a second thought about it. Remember it does not work when a VPN is on. Its extremely very temperamental


    I am in UK would like to call back home using your app how do i do it to load on a credit

    Atuheire Cones

    I forgot my mtn webphone password, what do I do?

    Frank Male

    Am in UAE ,and I would like to register for mtn webphone

    Frank Male

    Am in UAE ,and I would like to register for mtn webphone ,how?


    What happened to web phone it no longer works?


    Am in Somalia and am requesting for an MTN web registration coz I’ve spent long time without listening to ma people in uganda

    Nyero wilfred

    Am in Somalia and my line is 0322410497 why is my line temporarily suspended since last night? Can u please urgently open my line please, I need to contact my family back home today. Your urgent response will be appreciated. Thanks


    Helo am in mogadishu and my mtn we. Is suspended yet I want to communicate to .y family way back in uganda.what the problem or why suspend accounts without prior information?

    Agaba wilbroad

    My webphone is temporary suspended I was told it’s not registered I submitted my documents but now i can only receive calls and I can’t make calls why I need to activated again

    Lodap Lomukaise

    I forgot the password for my web number 0322412740. Help.

    Aede Joan josephine

    hello everyone
    l am Joan and l live in Israel
    how can l get the mtn web account


    am in need of the web no.032 but am in Mogadishu, hw can u help me pse


    I forgot my webphone password


    Am in saudi Arabia how can i create an account with mtn web phone Uganda


    Am in Somalia and I want web phone number


    I want to link the company to sell the web phone number here in Somalia what should I do my number is +252619289061

    Nsamba benson

    Am in qatar need of mtn web number

    Okurut David

    I forgot my password can you help me to reset it back


    Can please activate my number it’s no longer active

    Efo Daniel

    I forgot my webphone password

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