Death Announcement | Cathy Jingo — Loses Her Battle With Stage 4 Cancer!

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Death Announcement — The Ugandan community in Milwaukee regrets to announce the untimely death of of Cathy Lena Jjingo wife to Alex Jjingo that occurred in Kampala, Uganda. The community wishes to extend its appreciation for the support and generosity showed Cathy during her long battle with breast cancer. Burial arrangements will be communicated soon.

Previous Posting — Narrated By Alex Jingo — On June 23, 2017, my loving wife, Catherine Jingo was told her cancer is back, it was worse than before. It has spread from her breasts into her chest cavity and some of her lower extremities. It is now inoperable she has just a few weeks to live. She is a mother of two, 3-year-old children. Our family is devastated, the children are too young to understand the situation. Jayden stills begs his mother to carry him even though she’s in so much pain, she is just hanging on to life.

We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin far away from the family and friends we left in Uganda. I am a truck driver. I have been doing everything right, or so I thought. I felt like we were on the right track to get my family financially secure.

Never in my mind had I thought we would be forced to ask for help. DONATIONS CAN BE MADE VIA GO FUND ME PAGE ––

I saw families in movies hurting from cancer, it never crossed my mind that we would be here today, asking for your help to send Catherine Home to Uganda to seek alternative treatment because the doctors in Milwaukee said they have exhausted all treatment avenues.

Our nightmare began in December 2016, when Catherine was diagnosed with breast cancer Stage 3. She had been playing with Jayden throwing him up in the air when he accidentally hit her in the breast sending sharp pains through her body beyond normal. She visited the hospital and was given the diagnosis not long after that.

Catherine was given hope that this form of cancer is very susceptible to treatment, with a high success rate. She embarked on treatment and used herbal treatments too to give herself the best chances of survival. She lost her job due to Cancer treatments as they took a toll on her body and with that, she lost her medical insurance too.

Throughout the first round of treatments, she stayed positive and very hopeful if you didn’t know her predicament you would never know she had cancer. She was our source of power. Three months later she returned for a checkup and was given great news the cancer markers had reduced significantly.

Now cancer has spread to her chest cavity and lower extremities. The doctors say nothing will work but Catherine has heard about alternative treatments in Uganda and Mexico that have helped other cancer patients. Her body is deteriorating before our very eyes. Catherine would like to seek these alternative treatments. She can’t stay here any longer.

Catherine is in so much pain and agony, she can barely hold on. We only have a short window before she won’t be able to travel on a plane. We need to get her home to Uganda to this treatment within a week or two at most. We are running out of time.

We are asking you to help us raise $10,000 to cover the costs associated with travel for Catherine and the children, medication, living expenses and other medical needs. These funds will be of great use during this difficult time, and we hope that in the end, Catherine will be able to beat cancer.

We believe that this treatment will buy Catherine and all of us some extra time. Cancer patients react better to treatment in relaxed environments. In Uganda, Catherine will be surrounded with lots of our family and friends, giving her time to create more wonderful times as she gets her treatment. It will also relieve the pressure of childcare that she is faced with here in Milwaukee, because am a truck driver.

Catherine’s love of life, kindness, and strength of spirit for those around her are these rare qualities we all love about her. Whether you know her or not, we hope you will find it in your heart to help her in any way you can.

Thank you for hearing our cry for help and for donating to this cause.
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email: Cathy —, cell – Alex Jingo +1414-241-5497

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