Zimbabwe In Focus | Thousands for Mugabe ‘final push’

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NewsDay — WAR veterans have called on cornered President Robert Mugabe to step down today or face the wrath of Zimbabweans in a planned final push rally to oust the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence in 1980.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa said it was time for the 93-year-old to step down voluntarily or be forced out of power by the masses.

“We are giving an ultimatum to Mugabe. This aura, this pretence that things are normal going to Zimbabwe Open University capping people, it’s pretence,” he said.

“We won’t accept it, period. He has to make a decision along the diplomacy which is being given by Sadc to promptly leave office. That’s all we want.”

Mutsvangwa, who was fired from Mugabe’s Cabinet in March last year, said if his former boss did not resign under the terms of the military generals, the people would push him out today.

“From a very practical angle, he makes a decision today to leave, it’s upon him to make it and his wife [First Lady Grace] under the terms which he should negotiate with the generals,” he said.

“Tomorrow (today) is different. We have a rally which we had long planned starting at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield.

Tomorrow, he is going to see who has the people. I hope by that time, he would have made his decision to accept the terms of quickly leaving the country. If he doesn’t, we will settle the scores tomorrow.”

Mutsvangwa said only the people can hound Mugabe out of power without any censure from the Sadc or African Union.

“There is no constituency which is more sovereign than the people of Zimbabwe and it’s their decision that Sadc will have to respect,” he said.

Mutsvangwa called upon the Sadc Troika meeting in Botswana to expel Foreign minister Walter Mzembi from its meetings, saying he had no mandate to represent the people of Zimbabwe.

“There is a Sadc Troika meeting going on. We have no problem with Sadc, but there is a certain Zimbabwean who is there who should not be there. His name is Mzembi positioning himself as a Foreign Affairs minister. Mzembi, others of your ilk are in jail now, under the army, that’s Jonathan (Moyo), (Saviour) Kasukuwere and (Ignatius) Chombo. Mzembi, you belong to the group. Rather than try to talk on behalf of Zimbabweans in Botswana, come and talk to us about yourself,”  Mutsvangwa said.

Meanwhile —  In a dramatic twist of events, all the ten Zanu PF provinces have passed a vote of no confidence on President Robert Mugabe, and declared the 93 year-old leader – who has been in office for 37 years – too old and incapacitated to lead both Zanu PF and government.

The move, which comes at the height of a drama-filled week that saw the military taking control of the country, is a huge knock on the veteran’s leader’s prospects of retaining his presidency for much longer.

Tomorrow, Mugabe’s long-time allies, the war veterans, are hosting a national rally in Harare, where Zimbabweans from various political parties, religions and elsewhere are expected to attend.

Source — Zimbabwe’s NewsDay.

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