UNAA Impasse | Clarification on Recent Communication from Mr. Monday Atigo and The UNAA Board Of Trustees

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January 19, 2018.
Dear Mr. Atigo,

I have received your letter dated 18 January 2018 in which you have stated that you have disbanded the UNAA Board of Trustees (BOT) effective immediately, because of an acrimonious stance causing upheavals and undermining the confidence of UNAA.

The current UNAABOT members’ term of office expires in April 2018. A UNAA president has no constitutional powers or right to summarily disband the BOT. I also need to remind you, Mr. Atigo, that constitutionally you are not the President and CEO of UNAA at this time, instead you are a presidential candidate.

UNAA recognizes Mr. John Julius Muwulya as the interim president until the by-election occurs, at which time the elected individual will be sworn in as the president of UNAA. The BOT members therefore will continue to do their work till their term expires or if they choose to step down on their own.

The current crisis in UNAA as you know was brought about because of an illicit act of stuffing the UNAA voters register with 110(one hundred and ten) names of persons who did not qualify to be UNAA members in good standing, and proceeded to vote in the September 3rd 2017 Miami election, whereas, as per UNAA constitution, such persons ought not to have voted.

The BOT concluded that illicit voters influenced the results of the competed for positions, which were the president’s and the council representative for South Pacific II region; especially considering the fact that the winners exceeded by 23 and 3 votes respectively. Thus, those two positions were recalled for re-election, with a legitimate voters register.

UNAA deserves to rout out such fraudulent behavior and the BOT expected the leadership and membership to be in awe of the finding and to join hands to move forward with a fresh, transparent start. The proposed re-election should not be impeded but must be promoted and should occur expeditiously so that a firm, legitimate executive takes effective control of day-to-day UNAA business.

The BOT recognizes the demand that is placed on the UNAA president and wishes the best environment for one to operate, but it has to be transparent. Lastly, the current BOT was vetted in April 2015 during a time crisis for UNAA. Mr. Atigo, you are one of the individuals who supported them, also you attended the New Orleans convention, where at the AGM the members recognized the BOT.

You were UNAA president for two years during the tenure of this BOT. I perceive it as hypocrisy of the highest level for you to come up in Jan 2018 and say that three of the BOT members are illegitimate. The current BOT 2015-2018 has done a lot of work as per its constitutional mandate, and arranged a UNAA audit for the first time ever. We stand for a democratic, united, civil, transparent, UNAA.


Dr. Joseph E. Buwembo
Chairman UNAA BOT

Thursday January 18th 2018
From: Mr. Monday Atigo, To: Dr. Joseph Buwembo, Chariman Board of Trustees
Dear Dr. Joseph Buwembo,


The acrimonious stance of the UNAA Board of Trustees has been unbecoming thereby causing upheavals and undermining the confidence in the organization, especially when the situation involves the organization’s most recognizable face of the association, hitherto, the UNAA Elected President/Chief Executive Officer.

I must emphasize that UNAA’s success is tied to the zeal of its primary representative: The President/CEO and thus the UNAA Executive will no longer tolerate undue interference, we have a fiduciary and legal duty to manage the day-to-day affairs of the organisation on behalf of UNAA’s Supreme organ who are the members.

In light of the above, the UNAA Board of Trustees, as currently constituted, is hereby disbanded effective immediately. It has been, but a painful overdue decision, done to ensure that the organization can effectively carry out its mission.

A new Board of Trustees will be put in place at the earliest opportunity in accordance with the organisation’s bylaws and only those that meet the constitution requirements will be nominated.

Monday S. Atigo, MBA
Ugandan North American Association (UNAA)

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