UNAA Repeat Elections | Mr. Franco Wantsala, Chairman, UNAA Electoral Commission Response to Mr. Monday Atigo – And The Proposed Election Feb 9th – 12th

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Executive Committee
Mr. Monday S. Atigo
Tuesday January 30″ 2018

From: Mr. Monday Atigo, 

To: Mr. Franco Wantsala, Chairman, UNAA Electoral Commission

Dear Mr. Franco Wantsala,

RE: Exclusion of My Name From Any Non UNAA Related Exercise and Practicing Restraint When
Disseminating UNAA Members’ Information.

I would like to commend you and the entire UNAA Electoral Commission for the great spirit of volunteerism and service to UNAA. Following your recent communication calling for re-elections, I must caution you that such communications are misleading and contrary to the November 25″ 2017 resolutions agreed, voted on, and published by the UNAA Electoral Commission Secretary, Mr. Peter Simbi.

I hereby recommend that you practice restraint when disseminating such literature that is divisive and creating confusion among the UNAA membership. Further still, be sure to exclude my name from such exercise because it is not a recognized exercise by the UNAA Executive nor the UNAA Electoral Commission.

Last but not least, be advised that as a member based Organization, we have to protect our Members’ information and only share it through official UNAA Communication Channels while following the right procedures. Unwarranted Publication and distribution of such information should stop immediately.


Mr. Monday Atigo

cc: Mr. John Julius Muwulya, UNAA Vice President cc: Mr. Peter Mukunya, UNAA Executive Secretary ce: Mr. Arthur Nantamu, UNAA Treasurer cc: Mr. Alex Semwanga, UNAA Council Speaker. cc: Mr. Eddy Kyobe, UNAA Council Deputy Speaker cc: Mr. Kenneth Walube, UNAA Council Secretary

January31st, 2018

To: Mr. Monday Atigo, Candidate UNAA Presidency

From: Franco Mukhwana Wantsala, Chairman UNAA Electoral Commission

Subject: Official Response to your Letter on Matters Pertaining to UNAA Electoral Commission Affairs

Dear Mr. Atigo,

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated January 30, 2018, addressed to me, the chairman of UNAA Electoral Commission.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reaching out to me on the matters of the UNAA Electoral Commission, and the eminent repeat elections as directed by the UNAA Board of Trustees.

Mr. Atigo, allow me to begin by re-stating why the issue of a repeat election for the two contested positions, as outlined in UNAA Board of Trustees’ directive to the UNAA Electoral Commission on November 12th, 2017, arose:

I. Following the Miami elections, you were declared the winner and sworn in as the President of UNAA. Immediately after that declaration, your opponent, Dr. Kawuma, petitioned the UNAA Electoral Commission, claiming that an inflated voters’ register had been used to conduct the election. Because, we (the UNAA Electoral Commission) did not have the resources to investigate how many UNAA members were in good standing and hence appeared on the voters’ register, we referred the matter to the UNAA Board of Trustees, who as stipulated in the UNAA Constitution, are both the custodians of UNAA Organization and are responsible for arbitrating and resolving electoral disputes that cannot be resolved by the UNAA Electoral Commission.

II. The UNAA Board of Trustees in their investigations discovered that about 110 people voted without any proof of membership payment hence were not members in good standing as required by the UNAA Constitution. These findings were reported back to UNAA Electoral Commission who in turn advised that the matter of payments be reverted to the UNAA executive members who received membership fees.

As far as the UNAA Electoral Commission is aware, the UNAA executive has yet to show proof of payment for the questionable members that the UNAA Board of Trustees discovered hence the need for the repeat election still stands in order to rectify these irregularities.

In response to your reference of a November 25th communication from the UNAA Electoral Commission secretary, I would like to point out a few issues pertaining to this reference:

a. Following the resolution of the electoral dispute, the date of the repeat election was (as is expected) determined by the UNAA Board of Trustees, not the UNAA Electoral Commission, in the interest of fairness and expediency in resolving the dispute.

b. Any complaint from the UNAA Electoral Commission regarding the resolution of the dispute had to be communicated back to the UNAA Board of Trustees for consideration. The communication you reference was prematurely released to the public while internal communication between the UNAA Electoral Commission and the UNAA Board of Trustees was still on-going.

c. As the appointed chairperson and leader of the UNAA Electoral Commission, any official communication pertaining to the commission has to have not only the knowledge but also the approval of the chair. In the event where that leadership gets circumvented, such as in this case, that communication should be rendered null and void.

d. Again, as a matter of fairness and constitutionally, UNAA Electoral Commission cannot make a unilateral decision of when and where to hold a special election without consulting and agreeing with either parties including the petitioner on delicate matters such as this one.

On dissemination of Members information, on January 15th, 2018, I communicated to UNAA Executive Secretary to publish the electoral guidelines for the repeat elections. Upon receiving my communication, he wrote back to me declining my request. This communication was copied to you as an interest party but no alternative was given to me as to how I can communicate the UNAA Electoral Matters to its Membership.

Lastly, as far as the UNAA Electoral Commission is concerned, your candidature in the previous election automatically transfers to the repeat election, for the same position you expressed interest in. If you are no longer interested in contesting for the position of UNAA presidency, please communicate to the UNAA Electoral Commission officially withdrawing your name from the race.

Otherwise, the election is still on as scheduled for February 9th through 12th, 2018.


Franco Mukhwana Wantsala

CC – UNAA Board of Trustees
CC – UNAA Members of the Executive
CC – UNAA Members of the Council
CC – UNAA Electoral Commission


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