Inside Politics | NRM cadres want Tanga sacked over ‘abusing’ Lumumba

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The infighting within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) leadership has attracted 15 district chairpersons and regional coordinators’ to call on party chairman President Yoweri Museveni to ‘take action’ against Tanga Odoi, their electoral commission chairperson.

The district leaders under their umbrella body, NRM district chairpersons’ forum told a news conference at Kati-Kati restaurant that Tanga’s disrespectful character is unbecoming and intolerable among party cadres, requiring immediate replacement.

It all started early this week when NRM secretary general Justine Lumumba announced a restructuring process, where over 400 employees would be relieved over their duties over salary payment challenges.

Tanga however blamed Lumumba’s failure to have the workers at the secretariat paid for close to nine months on poor administration, inexperience and maintaining ghost workers.

He also described Lumumba as a “good dancer” and “field mobilizer” who lacks administrative and managerial skills.

“Lumumba unfortunately did not go to high institutions like me; where you could go to Makerere University and see how administration flows. She was a district education officer then a parliamentarian. I pity her,” Tanga said.

This verbal attack on Lumumba has since attracted criticism, with some cadres within NRM accusing him of bad manners.

“We as chairpersons also have issues but we cannot call you the media to bring out our dirty linen in the public. This is the time President Museveni, our party chairman should remove Tanga,” Twaha Kiggundu the forum chairperson said.

He added: “For us as chairpersons we use our money to do party work because we love it. But the practice of belittling others… the way we do mobilization to ensure the president comes back to power is the same way we are going to mobilize to ensure his discipline. This is the time the NRM disciplinary committee should work.”  

Wakiso NRM youth leader Joseph Sewava said the youth had already written to the president over Tanga’s indiscipline.

“Tanga is not a cadre, we hired him to help us. We thought he would organize elections but he has failed to recognize protocol. The secretary general is the principal soul of the party,” Sewava said.

Koboko district Madinah Naham argued that when Tanga accused Lumumba of employing up to 70 people in her office, “some of them for handling her bags and others for manicure” it was a sexist attack on women for holding powerful positions.

This, she said can’t go unpunished and Tango should immediately be replaced. Lumumba in retaliation said Tanga should stop talking about her “beautiful booty” and “lipstick” and instead “grow up and start minding his own business.” 

The NRM leaders also hinted at Tanga’s comments as promoting divisionism, sectarianism and tribalism in their party. Lumumba and Tanga’s clashes are not new in the media, the secretariat under the supervision of Lumumba appointed district registrars and other staff during the NRM primaries in 2015 which did not go down well with Tanga Odoi.

Tanga reacted by also appointing another set of district and sub-county registrars, who he said would oversee the party’s internal elections and in 2016, the duo were at it again with Tanga accusing Lumumba  of selectively increasing pay for her ‘favourite’ secretariat staff, leaving out others.

Source — The Observer article and NBS Frontline video footage.

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