Uganda Canada Convention | Highlights from the Grand Finale Dinner Held at the Toronto Sheraton Center Hotel



On Sunday July 1st Canada Day weekend the Ugandan Community in Toronto held its first ever major Convention at the Toronto Sheraton Center Hotel — under the theme a bustling new investment frontier!

For a first in Canada’s largest city, the event was well received attracting a big delegation from Kampala that included the Chief Guest –  Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament the Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga,  a number of MPs from Uganda, Company CEOs, Government technocrats and business leaders from Uganda and Canada.

Below are a few highlights in pictures of what transpired at the Toronto Sheraton Center Hotel. Ugandan big name artists like Eddie Yawe, Iryn Namubiru, Canada’s breakout entertainers like Wonder Boi, Parvin Ahumuza, Jocelyn Keko, Celebrity Mcees Solomon Serwanja and North America’s leading DJs like David and Benazo were all present at the gala. Other featured gallery images show the Rt. Hon. Speakers visit to the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto the following day.

Despite the time constraint taken in processing travel visas for would be attendees and key moderators, many Ugandans were granted visas to participate in this year’s Uganda Canada Convention. Come Canada Day Weekend all roads will always be leading to Toronto for this annual community gate together! 

A special thank-you to the entire Convention organizing committee for job well done in the planning and execution of the event. Special recognition also goes to all the special partners and sponsors who contributed their financial support to help offset the convention costs.

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    Great to have organisation like this one. I have hope soon I will attend one of events done here. Besides what a wonderful site to visit. Kind regards to all Ugandans.

    Janet Elizabeth Conteh

    Good morning my fellow brothers and sisters. I am a Sierra Leonean and I live in Toronto, I rent my room to a lady from Uganda by the name of Damalie Neudwe, she attend Christ Embassy church in mississauga ON. But she gave me a two month notice that she is moving out ending of may 2019. On May 15th Wednesday last week she was taken to the hospital Humber river at keele and Wilson were she was admitted at word 845 east wing and she was complaining of numbness on her feet and pains on her back and chest. when I visited on Thursday, May 16th she retested I massage her back and feet which I did and put her in a comfortable position with two pillows ,we prayed and she was very positive in her prayers prophecying healing on her body. On Friday May 17th Damalie was almost death, she was resuscitated and revived to life and moved to the 6th floor in room 623 at the same hospital and I visited her in the morning to see she is comfortable and treated well. I also spoke to the doctor that she is my cousin and I am her only family member in Canada but the doctor want me to informed her immediate families and friends to join hands to decide what her next plan of care etc. Icould not make any decisions on her behalf, I called her Pastor who she takes as her spiritual father and explained all I was told and I am keeping update of her treatment and her belongings are with me in her room but I coordinate most of her family in Uganda and son’s father. Everyone is in touch with me to follow up with her. But yesterday . The pastor her spiritual father visited her and later sent me a text that Damalie is sent to Toronto General hospital at 200 Elizabeth street for further investigation and treatment. I am here to inform you as her community becomes I know she is a quiet person and reserved herself, she is not a mixer. But please she is on life support and I believe God will give her another chance to live and celebrate life. Please try to reach out to her in the hospital or call me on 4166022963 for more information. I can be reached at thank you all God bless you all abundantly. Amen.

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