The Economist | The arrest of Bobi Wine has shaken Uganda – Hands up for the Ghetto President

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THE video for his song “Freedom” imagines Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, trapped in a jail cell. Now the singer-turned-politician really is locked up. On August 13th the authorities in Uganda arrested Mr Wine, along with other MPs and activists.

Ten days later he was charged with treason. He limped into court, unable to walk unaided; his lawyers say he was beaten by soldiers. Opposition politicians are often arrested on bogus charges. But Mr Wine’s detention has ignited public outrage and exposed the generational chasm in Ugandan politics.

Mr Wine has become the unofficial spokesman for young people disillusioned with Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s ageing president. Calling himself the “Ghetto President”, Mr Wine rose to fame as a dreadlocked pop star who drove fast cars and dissed his rivals. He sang about girls, naturally, but also about mistreated street traders. He calls his songs “edutainment”, music with a message.

In 2015 other stars took money to record a campaign anthem for Mr Museveni. Mr Wine wrote his own hit, calling for peaceful elections and a handover of power.

Source — The Economist

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