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The 8th Ugandan Investment convention which took place on the 15th Sept at Troxy register another resounding success considering a wave of negative propaganda and pressure which were mounted on the organizers mobilizing people to boycott the event. More than seven hundred participants from governments, the private sector, Diaspora, civil society, and international organizations gathered for the eighth annual Uganda UK investment Convention at Troxy in London and over 1400 guests attended the Afrigo after party.

Willy mutenza the chairman of the Convention in his remarks mentioned that a lot has been happening in Uganda on the political scene and a special session debated and interfaced with members of Uganda Diasporas attending on the day and most will be in the report which will be published soon.  The chairman asked members of the government to take our message back home that Ugandans in the Diaspora are appalled and concerned by the recent human right abuse perpetrated against members of the parliament and Ugandans at large.

The chairman also pointed out that that despite the situation in Uganda, the onus is on us as Ugandans to control the narrative and promote Uganda as the Land of opportunity. It is also everyone’s responsibility to expand the role of the Ugandan Diaspora from family remitters to financial and social investors by exposing them to opportunities by our various partners.

 Delegates listened to speakers who discussed among others opportunities in infrastructure and real estate. Speakers from Colas UK, a subsidiary of a French civil engineering firm, Colas Group. Lars Peter Jensen, Area Manager of Uganda Colas Limited shared an investor’s perspective and best practices in investing in Uganda.

An expert panel moderated by Edwin Musiime, a TV property show host on NTV Uganda discussed real estate sector focusing on financing where there are opportunities, understanding market demand, and addressing the disconnection between the price of formal, developer-built housing and what the general population can afford.

Over five affordable housing developers exhibited and also shared on the disruption of affordable housing market; what the current sources of funding are; what the plans/initiatives to make housing credit more affordable are; and what alternative financing solutions are available. An expert overview of free trade agreements (FTAs) and boosting intra-regional trade in East Africa was presented by Nicholas Tate, Managing Director, Tate Freight Forms Ltd.

Lord Dolar Popat, UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Uganda and Rwanda gave an update on the UK’s export growth strategy. Untapped opportunities in Manufacturing, Agri-Business, Media, ICT, Health and Manufacturing healthcare, and Service industry were discussed by an expert panel which also debated on Uganda’s Export Opportunities and Challenges to European and North American markets. Dr. Samuel Mugasi the Executive Director of NAADS presented an overview in the agri-food supply chain.

Mutenza expressed his deepest disappointment in those that have labelled the convention an anti-community initiative. He stressed again that the UK Convention is a self funded initiative with no monetary support from government. The Convention attendees and sponsors fund the event through the purchase of ticket and exhibition fees.

The efforts of the convention have not been un-noticed. Some tangible outputs on the ground include but not limited to: –

  • a multimillion dollar investment in Gulu for grain value chain by the Nagrecha Brothers;
  • Over $4million has been invested by Jakana Heights building a modern up-market apartment in Konge Hill;
  • An up-market apartment project by Limes Tree Investment in Kololo;
  • Over $2m investment in real estate affordable and up-market apartment by a Diaspora under Eric and Winston’s project
  • 3475 delegates had so far attended the Convention
  • More than 90 Ugandans relocated to Uganda and are contributing to transfer of technology and know-how,
  • 31 companies from Uganda had showcased their services and 67 UK companies including SME by Diaspora had also exhibited at the Conventions.
  • Donations to the social sector such as schools and the health sector.
  • Over 100 business delegations to Uganda and numerous enquiries in the tourism and mining sectors of Uganda.

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