Town-hall | The Uganda Islamic Community of Boston Hosts MP Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi – Embassy suites Waltham

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The Uganda Islamic Community of Boston hosted Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu to a town-hall meeting as part of his final stop in Boston before heading back to Uganda last Sunday September 16th at the Embassy Suites in Waltham. The Community meeting was attended by Boston Religious leaders led by Sheikh Rajab Mayanja, Sheikh Abdullah Ddumba, Pastors Balinda, Katende, Mutyaba, Nakyeyune among others. 

The town-hall kicked off promptly at 5pm and by 5;30pm there was no spaces left apart from some standing room. The evening Mcee was Mr. Eddie Jumba of Radio Uganda USA who welcomed the audience before handing the Mic over to Sheikh Abdullah Ddumba whose opening remarks focused on eulogizing the fallen clerics that have been gunned down under mysterious circumstances over the past years. Reading a prepared statement he drew the attention of the audience to the lives of those kids and families left shattered after their loved ones are taken away from them and called for an end to the the senseless killing of Moslem clerics in Uganda.

After his remarks he then invited Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu to address the community. In his opening remarks Hon. Kyagulanyi started off by stating that he did not intend to meet many people initially as per his doctor’s advise. But being a Catholic he had wanted to be part of a thanksgiving Mass in Boston to thank God for what he had been through. He reminded his audience that as a grand child of Hajji Musa Galyenkanawa he had also made a decision to interact with his moslem friends while visiting Boston – since his mother and closest friends comes from Moslem families.

He was quick to thank all Ugandans in diaspora for exerting the pressure that allowed him and his colleagues to get bail. He also acknowledged those who have been lost to the struggle and paid the ultimate price like Yasin Kawuma, Mohammad Kirumira and also acknowledged those recovering in hospitals across the country.

He then took the audience through memory lane as an entertainer and said that he had set out to focus on edutainment as a way to play a role in the liberation of Uganda. He told his audience as countless Ugandans have left the country and relocated to better their lives and in search of greener pastures because our country does not reward talent. Many injustices have caused many to depart while others have escaped torture here he sighted moslem clerics that have been presented in court often showing up limping. 

He then asked what is our purpose even as his friends have been discouraging him to avoid the path of sacrifice since he is a successful artist, MP and family man. Bobi Wine then said he wanted a Uganda that works for all Ugandans and leaders that are the servants of the people not Oppressors that instill fear because today those exposing crime end up paying the ultimate price. Every body had a role to play to make Uganda better hence the reason why one day out of a casual conversation a unifying spirit of ‘People Power’ is Our Power and Our Power is ‘People Power’ was born. Bobi remind his audience that the people movement was not about him but about all Ugandans that desire a change in the way they are governed.

As he concluded he reminded his audience that though they were attempts to present people power as a violent group he did not subscribe to such a view and encouragement all those who subscribe to ‘People Power’ to avoid and shun violence. Bobi was then asked by his audience to perform Acapella before leaving the stage.

Shortly after his presentation a few questions were asked including one by Joe Malaika a fashion designed based in Boston who wanted Hon. Kyagulanyi to comment on the recent arrests involving the Diaspora community members returning home and if it was safe to travel in and out of Uganda. Other questioned included the growing number of incarcerations involving Moslem at Luzira and the call to engage the international community to prevent human rights abuses and torture in Uganda.

On his part as a journalist Ronnie Mayanja asked Hon. Bobi Wine to define his vision for Uganda and address allegations making rounds across social media platforms  and the press back home that he was a foreign agent funded by the west through his lawyer Robert Amsterdam to destabilize Uganda — a question that rubbed some audience members the wrong way who in turn heckled and prevented any further questions to the Hon. Member of Parliament. On his part on Hon. Kyagulanyi did well to addressing these concerns and many thorny questions meant to expound on his agenda. He also cautioned his base to be more tolerant to divergent views since this was a struggle involving all Ugandans.

Below is the complete gallery of what transpired at the Boston town-hall meet in Pictures.

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