Community Politics | Sharline Nabulime Wins Ward 6 Special Election In Waltham to Become New City Councilor

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WALTHAM, MA — Ward 6 has a new city councilor. Sharline Nabulime who won the primary just won the special election. Nabulime takes the seat on the City Council left vacant by former Councilor Robert Waddick, who left for a position as City Clerk with 384 votes to her opponent’s 299.

Born in Uganda, but a resident of the US since the early 90s, she will become the first African-American to sit on the Waltham City council.

It was a rainy day, but that didn’t keep voters away — too much. As of 4 p.m. 460 people had voted from Waltham’s Ward 6. That is about 14 percent of the eligible voters in the ward, according to assistant Waltham City Clerk Joe Vizard. By 8 p.m., 684 voters, or 21 percent cast ballots.

That’s up from the 19 percent of Waltham voters who showed up to cast votes for the preliminary election in August, which winnowed the field to Sean Durkee and Sharline Nabulime.

Nabulime raked in the most votes during the primary. But Durkee who came in second place, was endorsed by third-place finisher Chuck Smerlas, so the race was predicted to be close.

Source — Waltham Patch.

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