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Uganda Diaspora Japan Association (UDJ)
What is UDJ — UDJ is an umbrella association that intends to promote the well being of Ugandans in Japan, enhance engagement between Ugandans in Japan and the embassy, as well as engagement between Ugandans, Japanese and well-wishers, in order to harness the diaspora’s potential towards contribution to the national development agenda of Uganda.

UDJ strives to act as an umbrella organization for all other organizations or groups of Ugandans in Japan. This is to facilitate smooth and efficient communication or cooperation between various organizations and groups in order to harness the benefits of synergy and working together.

Aims of UDJ
Facilitate efficient communication and coordination between various organizations or groups and the embassy of Uganda in Japan.
To promote the image and visibility of Uganda in Japan.
To stimulate and encourage nationwide networking among Ugandans in Japan.
To keep an updated database of all Ugandans in Japan.
To promote the development of commerce, tourism, investment and entrepreneurship between Uganda and Japan.
To promote technological skills and knowledge exchange between Uganda and Japan.
To identify and try coming up with solutions for problems faced by Ugandans in Japan.

This has been achieved through;
Supporting Japanese who want to contribute to development in Uganda.
A Japanese NGO (HASA) sought to contribute to education in Uganda.
UDJ members identified a hard-to-reach school in Bukedea District (Kaparis Primary School).
UDJ members are implementing a 5 year plan to develop a model UPE school in Kaparis.
Significant improvements in numeracy, literacy enrolment and completion have been observed.
Progress was reported at the 26th International Conference on Learning in (Belfast U.K, July 2019).

This has been achieved through;
Supporting Ugandans who seek knowledge from Japan. In 2017, A Ugandan florist sought expertise in orchid-farming from the Embassy of Uganda(Tokyo).
UDJ contacted Japanese experts and supported the visa application process.
UDJ provided all technical support while the entrepreneur was in Japan (July 2018).
UDJ delivered orchids worth of 10 million Uganda shillings to Entebbe airport to boost the business (January 2019).
UDJ is collaborating with a Japan based coffee importing company Called Christal company Ltd to promote Uganda coffee in Japan.  Some Ugandans have acquire sales rights from the company.

In June 2018, Members of Uganda Diaspora Japan (UDJ) staged several performances on a two day “Ima No Africa Fair” (Africa Today Fair) to promote Ugandan culture. Many Japanese enjoyed the diverse cultural dances that the group performed.

Ugandans have contributed enormously towards the promotion of the interests of Uganda particularly in the areas of Trade and Investment, business connections ,tourism as well as philanthropic activities There are more than seven hundred Ugandans living in Japan currently and the number is expected to rise as the relationship between Uganda and Japan deepens.

However, not all Ugandans in Japan are members of UDJ. Some individual Ugandans also do contribute to the interests of Uganda at an individual level in form of business connections, taking/sending tourists and encouraging SMEs to invest in Uganda. Ugandans continue to make huge amounts of remittance back home to invest, educate their families members and to support their families.

(1)FUUFA has so far lobbied for the construction of 18 bore holes in Various districts of Uganda. FUUFA friendly Non Profit Organization (NPO) known as “Fukuoka – Uganda Friendship Association” has been and is still continuing to enhance the quality of life of the communities in Uganda.

(2)UDJ facilitated the donation of volleyballs donated to Uganda by Japan Volleyball Association to Uganda Volleyball Association. They have also sourced a donation of footballs to some primary schools in Uganda.

• The Chairman of Ugandan Association in Japan has been on several occasions engaged by one of the famous Japanese media houses (NHK) to translate Ugandan documentaries from Luganda to Japanese language for its clients/viewers. Mr. Livingstone is fluent in Japanese language.

• In December 2018, the Chairman of UDJ, Mr. Livingstone Kyeyune led a delegation of 07 Japanese tourists and business men for tourism and business connections to Uganda. It is Mr. Livingstone’s practice to take tourists to Uganda every December. A sports arena is being constructed where the youth in Bukomero and beyond will learn sports skills that will include football, tennis basket ball, track and field etc.

UDJ is run and managed by a voluntary team of Ugandans who are elected into office every two years. Any UDJ member 18 years and above and registered at least 3months before the election, is eligible to participate in the election process.

• Finally, Uganda Diaspora Japan is striving to provide an organized Forum for proper coordination between the Embassy and Ugandans in the Diaspora of Japan. At times the Embassy has overstretched its self to provide the organization with facilitation where possible.
• There is a lot of potential for the organization to do better if our budget is supplemented by the government. On a few occasions we have submitted our budget to the the government through the Embassy, unfortunately it hasn’t been considered.

• We would like to therefore lobby government’s consideration to include UGANDA DIASPORA JAPAN (UDJ) on the list of Diaspora organizations being facilitated to promote Uganda’s image abroad.

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