Diaspora Politics | Born to Ugandan Parents, Adem Bunkeddeko Returns to Run For The 9th Congressional District – NY

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Adem Bunkeddeko is Democratic Candidate running for Congress in NY-9. This campaign video, titled OKUBA OMUZIRA, translates to “Be Courageous” in Luganda – Adem’s parents’ native language in Uganda. Adem built a grassroots campaign in Central Brooklyn in the 2018 campaign cycle which led to one of the closest democratic primary elections in the nation. He challenged Yvette Clarke, a longtime incumbent entrenched in the Brooklyn machine.
 This time, he plans to bring the energy behind his campaign all the way to DC. This video is inspired by Adem’s parents, war refugees from Uganda. He is in this race because of the values they’ve instilled in him to never give up because our future is a story that is still being written.

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