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The former Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu is expected to get a life peerage after the government was accused of “institutional prejudice” for failing to ennoble him.

Dr Sentamu, the UK’s first black archbishop, retired in June after 15 years. Despite all his predecessors being made peers and allowed to continue sitting in the House of Lords he was not.

But a source told the Press Association the move was now “imminent”.

The Whitehall source said the delay was due to a procedural hold up with the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Previously a No 10 spokesman had told the Sunday Times Dr Sentamu was kept off the list to keep House of Lords numbers down, despite the prime minister including his brother, Jo Johnson.

Archbishop of York enthroned in socially distanced service
As an archbishop, Dr Sentamu was among the 26 lords spiritual who have places reserved in the upper chamber of Parliament for Church of England bishops.

After he stepped down, Dr Sentamu was informed by No 10 he was in line for a peerage and was asked to confirm his suitability and willingness to accept, the Times reported.

However, a month later he was told that his name would not be included. His successor, the Most Reverend Stephen Cottrell, said he had been “disturbed” at the move.

David Lammy, the shadow justice minister, said on Twitter: “No 10 broke a precedent and snubbed Britain’s first black archbishop for a peerage because it says the House of Lords is too large, but it made room for Ian Botham, Claire Fox and Theresa May’s husband.

A No 10 spokesman said the process for Dr Sentamu’s nomination was “well under way”.

About Bishop Sentamu – John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu born 10 June 1949) is a retired Anglican bishop; he was Archbishop of York, metropolitan of York, and Primate of England until 7 June 2020. The position of Archbishop of York is the second most senior clerical position in the Church of England after that of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Primate of All England).

Born near Kampala in Uganda, Sentamu studied law at Makerere University before gaining employment as an advocate of the Supreme Court of Uganda. Speaking out against the regime of President Idi Amin, he was briefly imprisoned before fleeing in 1974 to the United Kingdom, where he devoted himself to Anglicanism, beginning his study of theology at Selwyn College, Cambridge, in 1976 and eventually gaining a doctorate in 1984. He studied for ordination at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and was ordained in 1979. In 1996 he was consecrated as the area bishop of Stepney and in 2002 moved to the position of bishop of Birmingham. In 2005 he was appointed to the position of archbishop of York.

Sentamu expresses support for some traditionalist positions within the Church of England, as he has publicly criticized multiculturalism and the legalisation of same-sex marriage, but contrary to traditional Christian moral teaching he supports cohabitation before marriage, stating “We are living at a time where some people … want to test whether the milk is good before they buy the cow.” He also received attention for his vocal criticism of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe in the past.

Source – BBC News

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