Cultural Diplomacy | Uganda Embassy Showcases – Barkcloth During Black History Month in Georgia

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The Uganda Embassy in Washington held and celebrated the Uganda Cultural Heritage during the black history month on February 26th in an event held at Africa Textile Museum – situated in the New Black Wall Street Market on Stoncrest, Georgia.

Declared by UNESCO as a masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Ankole long cow-horns that is a distinctive feature of the great lakes region was equally on full Display.  Barkcloth is one of Africa’s surviving cultural materials that has been kept alive within some tribes in Uganda, despite the fact that some of Africa’s authentic materials, cultures, and other regalia have been lost.

Uganda has a unique national treasure and cultural heritage in barkcloth, harvested from the mutuba tree (ficus natalensis). This cloth is 100% organic, biodegradable, and the tree regenerates another bark after every annual harvest. It is one of the best eco-sustainable materials that predates the weaving era, going back more than 700 years.

In her remarks the founder of the museum Ms. Ahneva Hilson paid tribute to Africa as the birthplace of fashion. The textile museum was established in 2020 to curate and preserve African textile history. A Barkcloth installation donated by a Uganda UK designer was also commissioned by the Uganda Embassy at the event.

Also present was the outgoing Uganda Ambassador to Washington Ambassador Mull Sebujja Katende who also celebrated his birthday in style.  See full highlights below – video appears courtesy of UBC Television.

The New Black Wall Street Market, located in Stonecrest, Georgia, is a destination for family fun, entertainment, retail, gourmet grocery shopping and fine dining. Set among beautifully curated common spaces, there are 100+ shops and restaurants located inside this new and exciting development.  Special Thank-you to the Cultural Diplomacy team at the Uganda Embassy in Washington for promoting this Uganda Heritage!

The designer, Jose Hendo, is an advocate for sustainability and circularity. She founded the R3 campaign to encourage everyone to REDUCE REUSE and RECYCLE these are the cornerstones of her practice. Hendo hopes this is a way to celebrate this Ugandan ancient cloth that is the perfect Ambassador for sustainability for her and hopes that this will be able to inspire change.

A cyclical approach to the use of the earth’s treasures as a foundation for sustainable fashion and lifestyle. Biodegradable, nature’s materials at the end of their use can be harmlessly returned to the natural system from which they came. So using zero-waste techniques seeks to highlight minimizes environmental damage and encourage sustainable environmental practices and at the same time preserve our heritage.

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