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Ugandan Diaspora News Online is an independent, non political news portal accessed in more that 100 countries primarily aimed at serving Ugandans who work and reside outside Uganda. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for everything Ugandan and the celebration of our Ugandan heritage.The Ugandan Diaspora News is a fully registered Limited Liability Company in the USA.

VISION:  Having set out on a mission to serve Ugandans more than 12 years ago, UNAA Times Online assumed a new name, Ugandan Diaspora News, In an effort to reach wider Ugandan Diaspora community.

As a Diaspora News resource we engage the government, the public and private sector towards realizing Uganda’s untapped potential. Our mission is also to encourage the Diaspora to give back of their expertise and skills toward the development of our country.

Ugandan Diaspora News provides an extensive online news experience that includes video, audio and news articles about Uganda sourced from various news outlets online. The website offers a more in-depth news from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Southern Africa and of course East and Central Africa.

Features covered include a Diaspora News Items, Business News, Tech News, Conventions, a Diaspora Events Calendar, a classified AD section for those Ugandans seeking specific services etc. 

We also operate a Twitter and Facebook account with about 5000 users. Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as we share this newly launched and re-branded online experience.

Our sister company Uganda Diaspora Network organizes the biggest Diaspora Homecoming event of the year at Kampala Serena hotel now in its 8th year. Visit our event website at — 

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