Thousands vote in Southern Sudan as violence flares in disputed region

Juba, Sudan (CNN) — Thousands more people streamed to polling places in a historic referendum on independence for Southern Sudan on Monday even as violence flared in a disputed region between north and south. Former U.S. ...

Photos: George Clooney in Southern Sudan, An Advocate

Global Post | George Clooney is the most persuasive voice for the independence of South Sudan. He recently visited southern Sudan to draw attention to the dangers that the area could return to war over the issue of the independ...

George Clooney, MTV Team Up To Help Monitor Sudan Vote

Actor/activist George Clooney has been telling the world about the dire situation in the Sudan for years. And now, as the citizens of the northeast African nation line up for a crucial week-long vote that could determine whethe...

United Nations (UN) | Southern Sudanese head back home

(CNN) | Southern Sudanese have been steadily trickling back home from their country's northern region ahead of next week's historic election, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday.

Will independence vote bring war or peace to south Sudan?

By Peter Martell, BBC News, Juba | It is a common message plastered on posters and banners here in the southern capital, Juba, as the war-damaged region prepares for a historic vote due on 9 January 2011. Excitement is high, wi...

Referendum | Sudan’s Bashir Pledges to Aid South If it Secedes

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir says he is prepared to assist southern Sudan if the region votes for independence on Sunday as expected. In a rare visit to the southern capital of Juba Tuesday, Bashir said his government want...

Dr. Rugunda’s last Press Conference at the UN Security Council

Press conference by H.E. Mr. Ruhakana Rugunda, Permanent Representative of Uganda to the United Nations, to brief correspondents upon completion of Uganda’s two-year term in the Security Council.