Inspirational Ugandan Videos
victor ochen

Victor Ochen | The Youngest African Nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize to Attend The Ugandan Diaspora Gala – 2015 Edition

News Flash — The Youngest African Nominated For a Nobel Peace Prize has confirmed he will attend the 5th annual Ugandan Diaspora Gala were he will also be a featured guest speaker and an award recipient. As a Diaspora com...


“Called to serve” – Speech by HRH The Nnabagereka (Buganda Queen) Sylvia Nagginda Luswata at TEDxEuston

“The Role of Culture in solving Africa’s Problems is the summation of the Story of My Life ~ An Ordinary Girl, who married a traditional King, the Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom, and became a Queen.” ~ HRH The Nnab...


AIDS Journey ~ How far we have come ~ “Born in Africa” Philly Lutaaya Documentary Uganda

Philly Bongoley Lutaaya (19 October 1951 – 15 December 1989) was a Ugandan musician who was the first prominent Ugandan to give a human face to HIV/AIDS. Before dying of AIDS, Lutaaya had spent his remaining healthy time writ...


From slum life to Disney film: Ugandan Phiona Mutesi, Female Teen Chess star ‘the ultimate underdog’

(CNN) — She grew up in one of the poorest spots on earth. She couldn’t read or write. As a child, she scrounged for food each day for herself, her mother, and her brother. But a chance encounter with a chess coach ...


Don’t Miss the Boston United Night of Worship, September 15th, 2012

By Zenzo Matoga | Join THOUSANDS of people from New England and all over America in expressing the A.W.E. of God over New England in unity! ~ Acts of compassion! Worship! Evangelism! The Church of New England Going to the ...


Airtel Uganda Flash Mob – OFFICIAL VIDEO

How do you announce the dawn of something new… something fresh? How do you tell the world that you mean business in a funky cool way? You stun, you entertain and more importantly, show the world what’s up. On March ...


Video Followup by Invisible Children ~ KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous

KONY 2012: Part II — Beyond Famous offers a closer look at the LRA and explores the solutions put forward by leaders of the currently-affected areas of CAR, DRC, and South Sudan, where local communities continue to live u...