15 people die in Uganda when bus crashes into a cow

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KAMPALA, Uganda(AP) | A Ugandan police spokeswoman says 15 people have died in western Uganda after a bus lost control when it hit a cow on the road and rammed into an oncoming truck.

Zura Ganyana says an 8-month-old baby whose mother died in the accident early Saturday is among 30 survivors from the bus crash admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Others were treated and discharged.

The bus was carrying 65 passengers traveling to the capital Kampala.

Ganyana says 10 people died at the scene of the accident at Kiryandongo while others died as they were being taken to Mulago hospital in the capital nearly 140 miles (220 kilometres) from the accident site.

She says all three people in the truck died. According to Ugandan police at least 2000 people die from road accidents every year.

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