Ssese Islands your Perfect Holiday Gate Away While In Uganda

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By Ronnie Mayanja | UNAA Times Online | Ssese Islands is a composition of eighty-four islands in the northwest of Lake Victoria, Uganda, they also form what is today known as Kalangala District. About forty-three of the islands are inhabited. The islands vary in size from less than 10,000 square metres, to over 40 kilometres in length for the largest island, Bugala Island the site of the islands’ main town, Kalangala, which is also home to the district headquarters.

Entebbe airport is about a 3 hour ferry ride to the Bugala islands.The Islands are inhabited by the Bassese people and are home to a variety of animal wildlife including primates. They are connected by ferries from Bukakata on the mainland to Liku on Bugala and from Kalangala to Banda and Bukasa.

Ssese Island beaches therefore offer some of the best eye catching images of tourism on Lake Victoria. For those who enjoy sport fishing, bird watching to monkey and marine life viewing in the wild, Ssese provides you with the perfect setting for this type of eco-tourism.

It was therefore a privelege when I travelled with the Rotary Club of Ssese Islands which was on a mission to provide the badly needed health services to the people of Bugala Islands. Volunteer doctors from the Rotary club offered their services ranging from dental treatment to Primary health care physicians who took in patients and also conducted AIDS testing Clinics to many of the island inhabitants.

Ssese Islands is one of the districts hardest hit by the HIV scourge among Uganda’s districts and has no medical theater but only health centers that are ill equipped to handle serious medical problems.

Therefore it was inspiring to see indigenous members of the Rotary club of Ssese led by their President Dan Lubinga and District Governor Rotarian Steven Mwanje together with former Member of Parliament Hon. Ruth Kavuma team up to treat over 300 people in Kalangala town that day amidst a heavy down pour.

Watching the sun set over lake Victoria and while hearing the evening sounds made by the insects gives one the perfect retreat away from the hustle and noise in Kampala.

Here are some photo highlights from the Trip to the Ssese Islands

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