School hosts Invisible Children film screening with Ugandan speaker

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PLAINSBORO — On April 11, Invisible Children, a media-based nonprofit dedicated to ending Africa’s longest-running war, will be screening “Tony” at West Windsor Plainsboro High School.

Invisible Children exists to raise awareness about children who are abducted and forced to fight as soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group currently terrorizing central east Africa.

The April 11 event was organized by Joshua Levy, a student at the school, and is a part of Invisible Children’s Congo Tour, where 17 teams are traveling America in vans to show films with the Ugandans who are featured.

Each team is backed by three American volunteers and one Ugandan speaker. The Ugandans are traveling to advocate on behalf of neighboring Congolese villagers who have been under attack by the LRA.

The LRA first terrorized these Ugandan communities, so the Ugandan speakers are trying to help prevent future violence in nearby regions by the same rebel group. The Ugandan will introduce the film and be available for discussion after the film as well. The Ugandan speaker is named Akello Babra Bridget. She is backed by American volunteers Meagan Shorey, Chris Hart, and Morgan Harbin.

In addition to Levy’s work to bring Invisible Children to Plainsboro, he volunteers for the United Jewish Federation and Special Olympics. His heart for U.S. political engagement in social justice issues such as child soldiering was his motivating force to bring Invisible Children to the campus. This is Invisible Children’s first visit to West Windsor Plainsboro High School North.

The film being shown is “Tony.” It is being released for the first time this spring as these teams tour the country with this story. It documents life of a young Ugandan man named Tony and follows the past eight years of his life, which have always been marked by violence from terrorist groups like the LRA.

The screening will be on April 11 at 7 p.m. in the North Theater. Registration and light fare begins at 6 p.m.

Merchandise will be available, including bracelets, handbags, and T-shirts, made in Uganda. Members of the community are welcome to attend.

Invisible Children was created in response to an apparent lack of expression in the millennial generation for relevant activists. The founders felt that this generation was looking for a purpose, looking for the realization of ‘global citizenship’ and the responsibility of the developed world to the undeveloped.

This crisis in Northern Uganda has become the catalyst of this movement, uniting young people to fight for the invisible children silenced by a disinterested world. By telling their stories through documentaries and short media, Invisible Children has wakened a sleeping giant and mobilized hundreds of thousands of young people into active participation in foreign affairs.

The most recent outcome of this movement has been the momentum behind the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act that was recently signed into law by President Obama. Because of the advocacy work done by young Invisible Children supporters across the country, 217 members of Congress have co-sponsored this bill.

With the support Invisible Children receives from its film tours and young supporters, they implement innovative and effective programs on the ground in Uganda. From rebuilding schools, to providing scholarships and mentors, to building micro-economic village banks in an effort to bolster the war-destroyed economy of Northern Uganda, Invisible Children is holistically approaching the recovery of this devastated region.

With their two-fold approach, both in innovative programs on the ground in Uganda and providing an avenue for the paradigm shift in the modern activist, Invisible Children is leading the way to a new kind of nonprofit. They are revolutionizing the way an individual engages with the world as a community, as a family, and as human beings.

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